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Thread: Britney Spears's dad is selling her cars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bijoux View Post
    Why the fuck is he entitled to sell her belongings?!!?! I'm sorry. Yes, the girl is nuts ...and can't go anywhere, right now. But who is her father to have this much control over her belongings. Its one thing to control what she spends ..but selling things she already has dosn't sound right to me.
    I agree. It just sounds fishy. I dont like her father, besides he looks like he is hung over all the time, really nasty looking eyes.

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    I agree that something is not quite right here. If she's worth as much as they say, why oh why would he have to sell her cars. I just wonder what's in it for him. She wasn't talking to him for a long while and I'm sure he was cut off from the money then.
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    I think this sounds perfectly reasonable, and just a way to make a dent in the atty fees.

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    She rakes in over $700,000.00 a MONTH, I highly doubt she has to sale her cars to make ends meet.

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