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Thread: Britney Spears tells Kevin Federline: 'I'm pregnant ... and it's yours!'

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    Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.

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    you already know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    Australians, back me up or correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember that NW magazine simply makes shit up and blatantly prints lies.

    Not that I would put it past her because I think she IS that stupid, but I just don't think it's true. In light of recent pictures on the beach, looks like it was just bloat and flab.
    NW magazine is notorious for buying the photos and making up a good story to match them. They are less credible than the National Enquirer in the US.

    Occasionally when they can't afford the good photos they do ridiculous articles where they dress their staff up in 'celebrity looks for the real woman'... more like 'celebrity looks for real retards'... the girls who are employed there to write these articles look like they were lucky to pass Grade 10 English... ya, NW... not credible at all!

    I don't know anyone who buys it... I certainly don't... actually, why anyone would buy celebrity tabloids is beyond me when you can get all the goss + the spirited commentary that goes along with it right here on GR... ALL WHILE YOU PRETEND TO WORK!!!!

    GR should take out an advertisement in NW... we could convert the moronic masses... it's our duty!
    vaya con dios

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    God she is so ugly.

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