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Thread: Britney Spears' parents go to court to get conservatorship over Britney

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    I think this story should have come before the other one, sorry.

    Alli Sims has always been a loyal friend to Britney Spears... so how come she pulled a last-minute U-turn when she went to visit her friend last night?
    Our photographers saw Alli driving up to the Summit last night around 7:45 - but right before she was about to come inside the gates, she turned around and headed home!
    Could this be Jamie's conservatorship order in action? After all, the second power granted to him by the court in the written order allows him to "restrict and limit visitors"!
    Do you think Jamie just wanted his daughter to get some rest? Or has Alli fallen out of Jamie's favor?

    Alli Sims Photos & Pics | Alli Turns Back?
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    Conservators to Dump Brit's Manager!
    Posted Feb 8th 2008 8:28PM by TMZ Staff
    TMZ has confirmed that one of the things that went down in yesterday's hearing involving Britney's conversatorship is that the commissioner granted the conservators the power to fire her manager, Howard Grossman.

    Court documents reveal that Commissioner Reva Goetz ordered Howard Grossman to turn over "all documents, records and assets relating to Britney Spears" to Brit's dad, Jamie, who along with attorney Andrew Wallet, is the court-appointed conservator of Brit and her estate.

    Though the firing hasn't gone down yet, we're guessing the reason Brit's fam wants him out is because Grossman has a very cozy relationship with Sam Lutfi -- something that makes Brit's family very uncomfortable.

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