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What the hell did they do? Maybe they set it at a higher setting or something. I got mine for hair reduction and once I was down to only peach fuzz, it didn't hurt cause there wasn't anything to zap. It really did feel like just a rubber band snap, and I'm sure if I'd taken some aspirin beforehand it would have been almost nothing. The blue light thing though, doesn't hurt at all I've read, you just sit in front of the light. She could probably buy the damn machine, it looks portable from pics I've seen.
Yeah it felt like a snap, but on my chest (where I have freckles from sun damage) it hurt like hell and it looked like a 4th degree burn. I took pics of it. I have tried to tan (i know) over the marks, but I can still see them. I would do it again on my face, but NEVER my chest again. It didn't really even lighten the freckles. Go Figure!