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Thread: Britney Spears on Bally High

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissVenus View Post
    Seriously, for all the 'working out' she's been doing she looks as fat, bloated, old, unfit and sloppy as always.
    You do realize that many bi-polar meds cause weight gain, and make losing pounds difficult?

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    Quote Originally Posted by msdebagain View Post
    if she's lost 40 lbs then my vagina is officially sealed back up hymen and all. she's a greasy useless talentless piece of crap, and i'm pissed that there are REAL people with talent that struggle every day, and this broad gets rewarded. fuck her.

    yikes deb.
    I DIDNT say she lost 40 lbs! I said that was the reported goal she has set for herself, hence the Ballys workout. The deal with Ballys is AFTER her weight loss. So thats probably why no results is seen. I know what its like to lose weight, and when you tell people your goal or trying they think they should see results RIGHT NOW or its not true.

    Sorry but in life its not that, it might take a month from now for her to be even 14 lbs thinner and she will still have 26 left to go.

    But regardless I havent seen any rewards her way, when she was doing drugs! She was constantly trashed by the media and used to sell magazines, and her death even by me predicted. Now that she is TRYING to get her shit together, I'm sorry there will be no stones thrown her way by me.

    Whats wrong with someone trying to lose weight by working out? Trying to do work here and there and getting off of drugs? Whats wrong with someone offering her a job on 30 rock after she gets herself in shape and her life in order? Whats wrong that she is trying to get her children back and enroll in parenting classes? Not a damn thing!

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    I'm also pulling for her- she was great on How I Met Your Mother, and she has really been on the straight-and-narrow lately. I hope she continues on this path, so no shit-talking from me!

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