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Thread: Bridgette Bardot on trial for inciting racial hatred (against Muslims)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojiita View Post
    I agree..As gay and liberal as I am..I am against these 'hate speech' laws..

    That said..I can understand the European point of view..give the horrors of WW Two..and even more recently in the Balkans..I just think we do not need those laws HERE.

    Even evil fucks like 'Reverend' Phelps have a right to speak. And there are ways to deal with, isolate, etc. these people..we do not need these 'laws' here. JMO.

    ETA: France (and Europe) are now dealing with years of liberal immigration policies that have eroded various cultures, laws and basic societal structure- all in the name of religious tolerance. Europe is a powder keg, IMHO.

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    i think you guys don't realise just quite how racist, xenophobic and crazy this old bitch is. she is married to one of the top brass of the front national, france's extreme right-wing, nationalist political party, headed by that racist, senile old fart jean-marie le pen. it's not just immigrants they have a problem with, they're also anti-semitic, generally racist, anti-intellectual, anti-culture, anti-european union, anti-abortion, pro-death penalty and generally ignorant and full of hatred.

    National Front (France) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I'm open to everything. When you start to criticise the times you live in, your time is over. - Karl Lagerfeld

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