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Thread: Brian Austin Green Confirms Split From Megan Fox After Nearly 10 Years of Marriage

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    I hate MGK, but at least he supports himself and won't expect Megan to do it for him.

    I'm going to say Megan levelled up and BAG down
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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisNine View Post
    Honestly, they both seem like assholes. I was reading about what they did to Vanessa Marcil. Suing her for custody of her son with BAG (and asking for child support). I think I feel sorry for Machine Gun Kelly and the Stod. Maybe they should just hook up.
    According to Vanessa he didnít see their son for several years after losing the court case. BAG recently was back in touch. Wonder with Meghan gone he felt the need to reconnect.
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    BAG is enough of an asshole that whatever he's getting from Megan is nothing less than deserevd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charmed Hour View Post
    According to Vanessa he didn’t see their son for several years after losing the court case. BAG recently was back in touch. Wonder with Meghan gone he felt the need to reconnect.
    I read that, too. And that their son didn't even meet the youngest BAG/MF kid until recently. They wanted full custody of the kid until they had their own.
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    His "illness" sounds like a load of shit and Courtney is the one who married a pervert and faked a miscarriage? yeah? They sound perfect for each other.
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    Default Brian Austin Green and Courtney Stodden Just Friends, Hanging Out

    Brian Austin Green and Courtney Stodden are definitely together ... in the friend zone, we're told, but they are talking about getting creative.

    Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Brian and Courtney are just friends who met about a month ago via social media. We're told the initial communication was about sharing ideas regarding the possibility of creating music together.

    We're told after some friendly chats, they decided to meet up and hang out. And, they did ... hitting up a Mexican joint over the weekend in L.A.

    It helps, we're told, they also share similar political views, the kind that makes them want to make a change that's bigger than themselves. For now ... it's platonic, but things could change. That's Hollywood, baby.

    Courtney, of course, is fresh off her divorce and at the moment, we're told, she's committed to herself and not looking for a relationship. As for Austin, well, you know all too well.

    As we reported ... his marriage to Megan Fox is currently in separation mode. It was clear things were off after photos of Megan and Machine Gun Kelly surfaced last month. Not long after, she appeared in one of his steamy music videos.
    Hey, at least Brian's got some company now.
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    Courtney, of course, is fresh ...
    Wow. Nobody's ever described her as fresh before.
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    Brian and Courtney need the bucks. They knew a photo op would make them money. For now. All four of them are skuzzy to me.
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    In that first pic of this new amazing super couple, I would not have guessed in a million years that was the Stod.
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    BAG is preying on Stodden now? Hasn't she been fucked up enough by her obviously toxic family? I mean..letting her marry that perv at 16 and now she's hooking up with this asshole?

    Yeah, this will end well.
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    Oh, I'm sure she'd love to hook up with him. He's more famous than her ex. It's a step up for her, going from F-list to D-list. (I'm being generous here)
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    I can't even believe they are genuine hook-ups. They are all desperate for publicity and probably have the same publicists.
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    Courtney Stodden calls Brian Austin Green a 'womanizer' as she breaks silence about their fling: 'He wanted me to remain his little secret'

    Courtney Stodden thinks Brian Austin Green is a 'womanizer.'
    The 25-year-old pin-up opened up about her fling with the 90210 hunk, 46, in a statement to Fox News on Thursday.

    The Celebrity Big Brother star admitted that while she was initially into hanging out with the ex of Megan Fox, she was turned off by the fact that he expected her to 'remain his little secret.'

    'I had blocked him after several other women who he was playing came forward to me,' Stodden said, adding 'I stand with them and I believe them.

    'Brian wanted me to remain his little secret,' she went on, then calling Green a 'womanizer.'
    Courtney - who rose to prominence as the 16-year-old bride of disgraced actor Doug Hutchison - seemed to hint at these*feelings earlier this week when she shared a sultry bikini video backed by the Britney Spears track Womanizer.

    In her caption, she wrote: 'no time for f*** boys.'
    Stodden and Green were first spotted together in mid-June.

    But Brian seemed to signal the relationship had run its course while telling a paparazzi Courtney is 'super nice... but disappointing' for sharing a suggestive video of the pair.

    Of the video, Brian explained that he 'was just trying to be a nice guy' and that the video was shot for Courtney's friend Ashley as a 'hello.'

    'That was a month-plus ago, that was back when the pictures of her and I came out,' he added.

    He went on to accuse Stodden of trying to 'cause problems' for him and his latest arm candy, Aussie Maxim model Tina Louise - an accusation Courtney says she is 'stunned' by.

    'He looks a bit unhinged,' she hit back, adding: 'The truth is that Brian is disappointed in himself.'

    Brian announced his split from wife and mother of his three children Megan Fox back in May.

    His estranged wife is currently dating rapper Machine Gun Kelly following their split after 10 years of marriage.

    They share three sons together, Noah, seven, Bodhi, six and Journey, three.

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    Go Stod! I never expected that and I guess that BAG didn't either.

    Thanks for posting that Sarzy, you've warmed a tiny corner of my cold dead heart!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    Go Stod! I never expected that and I guess that BAG didn't either.
    It might be the most mature, contemplative thing I've ever heard her say. I admit the bar was pretty low already, but still!
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