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Thread: Brad Pitt donates $100K for gay marriage effort

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    they can't even cure athlete's foot.

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    Neither of these two strike me as very genuine. Good for them for donating to this particular cause. But, eh, the cynic in me wonders if this is just more show to get people talking about why they aren't married. The two of them have jumped the shark anyway.

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    Well whatever the reason, it was a generous donation, and good for him.
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    Who would have thought that Brad Pitt would be so upstanding for his beliefs. Better than Tom Cruises stupid beliefs.
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    myeah the whole "there are more important things" argument, said by people AGAIN who have all their rights from birth, to people who don't. That argument is why shit gets pushed to the backburner. There always seems to be something "more important" going on. Very convenient.
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