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Thread: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie refused entry to REM concert

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhateverLolaWants View Post
    Wow...I'm not sure which surprises me more...REM sounding like crap live or Radiohead opening for them.

    When I was working for a little ragmag in Houston I once had the opportunity to interview Radio Head...or thought I did. But though they agreed to the interview and left me tickets and a backstage pass at the office, the completely brushed off two other writers and myself. They were very into themselves (not that they don't have the talent to justify a little snobbery)...I am just surprised they would take second billing to REM. Was this before or ater OK Computer?

    I also really enjoy REMs live set; perhaps you saw them on a bad night? Or I've had uncommon luck seeing them on good nights
    This was around 94-95. Radiohead wasn't very big here at the time and it was before OK Computer (which I think is one of the best albums ever). We actually met the lead singer walking through the parking lot! He was pretty cool.

    I guess fame really does get to some people's head, huh.

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    I'm pretty sure that Thom Yorke (Radiohead lead singer) worships Michael Stipe- he was probably thrilled to be opening for them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by viggofan View Post
    the article doesn't say why they were turned away. anyone know?
    Stipe pronounced them not 'out' enough to get in.
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