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Thread: Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Unconscious in Bathtub

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    Quote Originally Posted by PecanPie View Post
    I think dying *in* the toilet would actually be worse.
    That would terrible.

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    ^^^^ Don't bother clicking to see pictures. There's only one generic one and this poster is the owner of the blog that's linked in the post. Nice way to get clicks.

    ETA: Where's the source for your "article"? You don't have any, do you?? You wrote a salacious "article" and said there were pictures at the link. There's ONE picture, and it's generic. YOU wrote the article and then posted it here, with instructions to click your link, for ad revenue. Reported.

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    The article is poorly written too. LOL Hope you reported it.
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    I guess I was *lucky* when my parents were sick. They chose hospitals where no heroic measures or life support machines were used. Granted, these weren't emergency situations where they were unconscious, but being sick and having to be admitted, they knew exactly what their end of life care would be. It was still terrible to watch them go, but they did it on their terms as much as they could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    It's his prerogative.
    Don't be Cruel. HA!

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    Bobbi Kristina -- Foul Play Criminal Investigation Underway ... Boyfriend Targeted |

    Bobbi Kristina
    Foul Play Criminal Investigation Underway
    Boyfriend Targeted
    2/6/2015 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


    There is an active criminal investigation underway in Georgia in the Bobbi Kristina case ... it centers on possible foul play and the target is her boyfriend ... TMZ has learned.

    Law enforcement sources tell us ... Bobbi Kristina had certain injuries that have piqued their interest. We do not know the nature of the injuries. Multiple sources tell TMZ there is a history of violence between Bobbi Kristina and boyfriend Nick Gordon.
    We're told police are looking into a possible altercation more than an hour before Bobbi Kristina was found submerged in a bathtub.

    We're told Max Lomas -- the friend who discovered Bobbi Kristina in the tub -- arrived at around 9 AM last Saturday. He says he hung out with Nick but did not see Bobbi Kristina. He was told she was in the bedroom. Nick wandered away and Max says he didn't pay attention to his whereabouts.

    The cable guy showed sometime after 10 AM and Max says he let him in -- Nick was nowhere to be seen. The cable guy said he needed access to the bedroom so Max let him in and discovered Bobbi Kristina in the tub. He screamed for Nick, who ran in and administered CPR.

    We're told Max claims Nick allegedly cleaned up the home and removed blood stains.

    Cops interviewed both Max and Nick and they want to debrief Max again, but our law enforcement sources say Max's lawyer insisted on immunity before he spoke again. We're told as of Friday morning Max hadn't gotten immunity or talked to cops.
    Our sources say Nick Gordon has also lawyered up. We could not reach Nick for comment

    Read more: Bobbi Kristina -- Foul Play Criminal Investigation Underway ... Boyfriend Targeted |

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    Show of hands for who is surprised.
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    Disgusting. The whole thing.

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    I think at best her prognosis might be a permanent vegetative state. Understandably, as a parent who could " pull the plug" on their child, but objectively in this case earlier may have been better. Your dealing with an otherwise healthy body, strong heart & lungs that may well continue functioning with an intact brainstem for years, without higher cognitive or neurologic function. i hope this isn't the case but I am not hopeful, chances are she was without oxygen while the boys were chilling downstairs for longer than 10 minutes...We'll see.

    I am saddenned about the unexplained injusries and criminal investigation, at least it appears she and Nick were not legally married. Hate to bring up her potentail inheritance but it, imo, would be a shame for it to all go to Nick.

    Should Bobbi die, does anyone know if her case will be treated as someone who died intestate or will the terms of Whitney's will be followed as Whitney's estate is not yet completely settled?

    Still hoping for the best for Bobbi but it seems she was ill prepared for such a loss and for adulthood in general, again, not all of her making ...

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    This is really becoming a "ripped from the headlines" episode of Law and Order by the minute.
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    This entire situation is just sad. I hope IF the boyfriend had something to do with it, he actually gets busted and has to pay for it.
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    I wonder what the injuries are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopqueen View Post

    Should Bobbi die, does anyone know if her case will be treated as someone who died intestate or will the terms of Whitney's will be followed as Whitney's estate is not yet completely settled?

    I think I read somewhere that the money would go to Whitney's mother.
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    ^ She'd better stick to showers. What happens to it after that?
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    Bobbi Kristina confidante reveals Whitney's tormented daughter told her: 'My family say I'm crazy so they can get hold of my money'

    PUBLISHED: 21:59, 7 February 2015 | UPDATED: 12:50, 8 February 2015

    Leading interviewer Daphne Barak, one of Bobbi Kristina Brown's closest confidantes, on the tortured last days of 'a little girl lost'.
    Today, Bobbi Kristina Brown lies unresponsive, hooked up to life support equipment in an Atlanta hospital. Nothing yet is certain about this young woman's fate but, like most others, I fear the very worst.
    And having known her for more than a year, I have been worried about a tragedy of just this kind.
    Bobbi Kristina was delightful, but she was also a young lady who carried a heavy load. For the past 15 months, I have been talking to her about narrating a film concentrating on her late mother, Whitney Houston.


    Mother figure: Leading interviewer Daphne Barak formed a close bond with Bobbi Kristina - for the past 15 months she has been working with Bobbi to make a film about her late mother, Whitney Houston


    Tragic: Bobbi Kristina with Whitney Houston in February 2012 - the singer was found dead two days later


    In January last year, she married long-time boyfriend Nick Gordon (pictured), despite recent assertions to the contrary by her father Bobby

    Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina in 2011 (Archive)

    As we got to know each other, she confided more and more about her turbulent life and many insecurities.
    Since Whitney died three years ago, Bobbi Kristina has felt increasingly lost. Still little more than a child today, she was only 18 at the time and emotionally shattered.
    She turned to drugs and alcohol I saw the evidence with my own eyes and, in the process, became alienated from family members who might have supported her.

    Found unconscious in a bathtub last Saturday, with evidence of drugs nearby, her own fate seems heartbreakingly similar to that of her mother, who was found dead in the bath of her Los Angeles hotel suite.
    I first contacted Bobbi Kristina after seeing private footage of Whitney's wedding to singer Bobby Brown. The elegance and the glamour of the occasion persuaded me to tell the story of this other Whitney, with her daughter as the narrator. Bobbi Kristina was delighted to be approached.
    We started to speak regularly the last time was just a few weeks ago and eventually she came to stay. What she had to tell me was sad. How, for example, she feared some relatives wanted to cash in on the inheritance left for her by her mother.
    How she witnessed Whitney's drug abuse. How, in January last year, she married long-time boyfriend Nick Gordon, despite recent assertions to the contrary by her father Bobby. And how she longed to be a mother and a wife.


    Bobbi Kristina with her mother and singer Dionne Warwick in February 2011 - she lived a rather naive, childlike existence and seemed to believe she was as famous as her mother


    Drug abuse is the other shadow darkening the tragedy. Bobbi Kristina admitted that living with Whitney could be traumatic

    I came to know a girl badly in need of a family. More than anything else, it was the loss of her mother that struck home and there were times when I found myself almost in that role.
    She told me: 'I miss her like hell. When Mom passed, I was lost. She had taught me everything up until I was 18. How to be a woman. Now I am working on that alone. For me, she wasn't Whitney Houston the star. She was my mom.'
    Bobbi Kristina lived a rather naive, childlike existence. She seemed to believe that she was as famous as her mother, telling me 'she taught me how to sing gospel and a cappella because it would make my voice stronger'. But the talent, of course, was no means the same.
    Missing her mother, she began to distance herself from her father, as I found when she and Nick came to visit me in California last year.
    I encouraged her to see Bobby. But she was a troubled young woman. She seemed angry with his wife, Alicia, calling her a 'bitch' and claiming she 'has put him on weird stuff like yoga'.
    Alicia was not the only target of her anger. At that time she was under the wing of her mother's half-brother, Gary, and his wife Pat. But when Bobbi Kristina returned home to Atlanta, I received another frantic phone call. She said: 'I have nothing to do with my Aunt Pat now. Can we fly to you? Can you fly us out to be with you?'
    An every day thing such as booking a flight wasn't something Bobbi had ever had to do.
    As her family face the dreadful decision of whether to switch off her life support, one conversation leaves me feeling particularly uneasy.


    Bobbi Kristina with the leading interviewer Daphne Barak - who witnessed a girl badly in need of a family


    Father Bobby Brown at Emory University hospital, Atlanta, where she is hooked up to life support equipment

    Police explain how Bobbi Kristina was found and treated

    Last March she said that, as she had turned 21, she had started to get money from her mother's estate. Then she blurted out that she felt some family members were trying to portray her as unstable so that they could handle the money.
    Who knows if the claim is true, but certainly the fight over the money began just hours after Bobbi was found unconscious.
    While her father rushed out a statement insisting Bobbi was not married the union would mean Nick was her nearest relative and so would inherit Bobbi repeatedly told me that they were. Stina, as Whitney affectionately called her daughter, told me: 'We went in front of a judge because we wanted it done.'
    Just last summer, in a desperate bid to construct a family of her own, she confided that she was hoping for a baby. She also said she was planning a religious ceremony or 'the most special wedding' as she put it. 'On Nick's birthday in May. He is everything to me,' she said.
    It has often been claimed that Bobbi Kristina and Nick were brought up as half-brother and sister, and as such the relationship is inappropriate. Both Bobbi and Nick referred to Whitney as 'our mother'.
    But Nick's family told me it was untrue that Whitney brought him to live with the family when he was 12, as is said. Instead, he lived with his mother Maxine until he was 16, before moving in with his grandparents, who insisted he either study or work. His response was to move in with Whitney and Bobbi Kristina.
    Drug abuse is the other shadow darkening the tragedy. Bobbi Kristina admitted that living with Whitney could be traumatic. She and Nick saw her passing out from drugs sometimes for days on end. At times, they were terrified she would die.
    Bobbi Kristina herself took prescription drugs. It was all too clear when she and Nick came to visit. She complained they had 'flu', Nick in particular. 'We are very sick. We need a doctor,' Bobbi Kristina insisted. When I said my partner would drive them, she replied: 'No, Nick will go. I am too famous to go.'
    After visiting the doctor, Nick tried chemist after chemist. Bobbi Kristina stayed with us, chatting happily. She looked healthy.
    When he surfaced with the pills he gave her some - and they ran off to their hotel. We phoned and phoned, but they didn't pick up. Then they called us three days later.
    My partner later found a prescription made out to Nick in our Jeep. It was for Oxycodone, a highly addictive and powerful drug used to relieve severe cancer pain.
    I wasn't sure what to do. In the end I told Nick's grandmother. Although Bobbi and Nick denied it, she knew better, saying she didn't want to see them until they were clean.
    Bobbi and Nick both insisted they weren't taking anything. Nick called me, pleading: 'You know it's not true, Daphne. Say it's not true.' But there could be no doubt about it.
    To me, Bobbi Kristina is sweet, intelligent and compassionate. But she is a little girl lost without the mother she adored and probably copied. I pray that she recovers.

    Read more: Bobbi Kristina told confidante: 'My family say I'm crazy so they can get my money'* | Daily Mail Online

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