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Thread: Blake Lively Is Pregnant, Expecting Her First Child With Husband Ryan Reynolds

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    Quote Originally Posted by idunno View Post
    Kim and Bo are boy's names in Denmark and Andrea is a boy's name in Italy. I guess Blake is a boy's name too. Anyway, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the blandest and most boring celebrity couple, and giving their daughter an unusual name (for a girl) is not going to change that.
    Because James Reynolds is such an uncommon name in the Anglosphere. Not really. For girls, of course, not common but what a hassle involved with getting others to understand that she's actually a girl v. boy in most situations. She'll certainly get a lot of attention though.
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    I remember when I was a child I was at a zoo and playing with other children on a playground. There was this one child I couldn't identify as a girl or a boy so I was curious but was too ashamed to ask if she's a girl or he's a boy. So I asked about the name, and the child's reply was: Simon(e). Which is both a girl's and a boy's name here. I'm not over it, yet lol

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    My dad knew a guy named Laverne and I knew a guy named Alison. Our neighbour guy's name was Kim. Kim is a Korean surname and I tend to think of it as a fairly common unisex name. My son's name is Terry, another common unisex name. A lot of names are good for either men or women, but I don't really care for giving kids names that are usually associated with the opposite sex unless it happens to be a family name.

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    I think Kim's fairly common for men, as well. My husband Tim often has to clarify for people on the phone (of course they can't tell then that he isn't Asian, but still). I know a few older (white) men named Kim, and a few named Leslie.
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