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Thread: Blake Lewis on Sanjaya Malakar: ‘I was never a fan’

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    um, go youtube him.. it's not william hung horrible, but bad enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    um, go youtube him.. it's not william hung horrible, but bad enough

    Doh, I missread her post and thought it said she ran into him at the gas station.

    I'm already acquainted with the fascinating horror that is Sanjaya performing.
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    ^ LOL.

    Last month I wanted to check out a show at the performing arts center near my house and I saw that Sanjaya was headlining an upcoming event. How does this guy even get booked? Ridiculous.

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    Blake=bitter jellus fatty

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    Well I hate both of them. I sense sexual tension betweem them, so they should just french each other and get it over with.
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