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Thread: Bindi Irwin expecting a baby in 2021

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lofty Bike View Post
    AWWWW, i don't even mind the super stupid name. Bindi seems to be quite down to earth and nice.
    Her dad was a maniac, but I liked him anyway. I still hear him scream "Look at that MAGNIFICENT animal".
    The thing with Steve Irwin, and why he's so beloved even now, is that while he was quite bogan, he just cared so much about wildlife - and it came through into his work. He was passionate about animals, rescuing, conservation... and that's passed on to his kids. I was always a bit weirded out with Bindi remaining in the public eye as a teenager, and judged Terri for it (show momager) but now the kids are adults and clearly very dedicated to their father's mission (and quite intelligent people in their own right, with the training and qualifications to match the enthusiastic legacy), I can't help but like them.
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    Yep, the dogs name was Sui and the croc was Bindi.

    Quote Originally Posted by mostroop View Post
    Considering her dad named her after the dog and a croc, I think she did well naming her daughter
    His favorite croc was named Bindi and I think his dog was named Sue - or Susie
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    ugh, another grace. it's the most precious/princessy basic name out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    ugh, another grace. it's the most precious/princessy basic name out there.
    My dad had a grandmother who HATED the idea of being called grandma because it made her feel old. So, she had him call her "Aunt Grace". I never met her, but I bet she looked like Jessica Walter on "Arrested Development".

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