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Thread: Billy Bush plagued by ‘Mean Girls’ mentality at ‘Today’

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    I bumped this thread because curious at what people thought of Billy Bush being suspended from Today!

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    I can't stand him and that whole Ryan Lochte interview/situation was ridiculous. I'm not sad to see him go down. I heard he's thinking about suing NBC for releasing the AH footage. For crap's doesn't matter who released it. Own up to it. You said it, you egged the Orange Menace on, you weren't that young, so don't take the Lochte "I'm young and foolish" defense. Be a man and take responsibility for the crap you spewed.

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    ^I think that's the problem - he can't act like or be a man because he's not one: he's a cretinous, juvenile little troll with delusions of grandeur and always has been. That he put Ari Zuker (the daytime actress) in a position wherein she felt like she didn't have a choice but to hug Trump in the Access Hollywood clip after what had just been said was nothing short of inexcusably disgusting. I hope this marks the end of his "career."
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