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Thread: Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, calls Aretha Franklin's criticisms "ridiculous"

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    I'm still wondering why no one has acknowledged the long standing title, Queen of Rock, as Beyonce's justification for calling Tina the Queen.

    Anyway, I like how Tina has remained silent in all this. LOVE me some Tina!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSDiva View Post
    According to the article at the time of print he wasn't going to inform her of this craziness from Aretha. The fact that she didn't say anything in response to this makes her look like the bigger, more mature person!!
    I'm not saying she necessarily needed to say anything. But she needs to put a stiletto in her daddy's ass and give him the boot because he is making her look bad with his asshattery, the same way Joe Simpson is ruining Messica. Her daddy running his trap ruins her not saying anything. If she was attmepting to take the high road, he basically just squatted down a took a shit in the middle of it.
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