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Thread: Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller: New Couple Alert?

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    Of course hand holding means you're fucking eight times a day wherever you can!!
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    ^ Indeed. It is Hollywood code for "Yes we can!"
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    Oh Angie looks so good there!

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    ^ Yeah, that's when I think she looked her best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeartShapedBox View Post
    ^ Yeah, that's when I think she looked her best.
    I liked her most in Gia and Hackers. Healthy and hot.
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    He survived JLo so he can get through this, maybe. I had my fingers crossed for him and Gal Gadot. Batman & Wonder Woman would've been too good to be true!

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    Sienna is one of Harvey Weinstein's girls, right?

    Anything is possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougie View Post

    In that first picture, it looks like he's just helping her up from sitting on her mark, helping her step down from a crate she possibly was standing on (while filming a shot), or helping her walk through the set in heels/avoid tripping on wires, cables, whathaveyou...

    One hand holding hers, one hand behind her back - the standard "helping you keep your balance" gentlemen-like gesture, no?

    I'm not saying that it's totally impossible that they've had a couple booty-calls during filming, or even over the years (with his and her BI histories of cheating) and him being separated from his wife currently (I can't keep up with/don't really care about her love life), but those pictures don't scream "romance" to me...

    EDIT: "Romance" aside - I get that it's a period film and makeup/fashion was different then but, is this going to be a black and white/weirdly filtered film (a la Sin City)? That's the only way I could think to justify the heavy, heavy blush on her cheeks/both full sides of her face. Eesh
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    Quote Originally Posted by bootspaige View Post
    According to this site: Who is Sienna Miller Dating? | Relationships Boyfriend Husband | .....she has hooked up with of course, Jude Law, on set with Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartman, the married Balthazar Getty, Rhys Ifans, while on set with Matthew Rhys (interesting), Tom Sturridge, Jamie Burke, P Diddy, on set with James Franco, Hayden Christensen (hmmmmnnn), Daniel Craig, Jamie Dornan (few dates),
    I find Affleck completely asexual and not masculine. In fact, a lot of the men listed here (whether or not I've seen them act), I dont' find them to be masculine. There's something that's been going on in Hollywood with men, where they aren't - I wish I could describe this better - just not manly. Orlando Bloom, James Franco, Jamie Dornan, Getty - not pretty boys, not macho, not feminine, not the sensitive type. I guess they're nowhere for me.
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    I think she needs a little more rouge on her cheeks, she clearly isn't pink enough yet.

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