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Thread: Bankrupt Burt Reynolds sells off memorabilia at auction

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    He married a waitress afterwards, didn't he? He's probably paying her off (or not) as well. ETA: not married.

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    He is a lifelong hot mess.

    I'll never forget this story he told in an interview with Playboy:

    He was in a bar with a friend, and some guy sitting on the stool next to him was giving him some crap. So, Burt hauls off and punches this guy in the face, hard, and the guy goes flying off the stool and onto the floor.

    All of a sudden, Burt sees people staring at him like he is some kind of monster. Burt looks down and sees that the guy he just sent flying has no legs.

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    OMG that story is terrible! But I laughed.
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    I did too Sluce!!!!
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    Haaahaha omg ...hahaha i'm going to hell.

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