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Thread: Audrina Patridge boasts that she is now more famous than Lauren Conrad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bijoux View Post
    Urgh! All of those "hills" bitches are just pathetic!

    This is what young girls are resorting to in order to be famous?!?! Performing with the Pussycat whores and leaking nasty pictures of yourself.

    What a sad fucking world we live in.
    Amen to that!

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    I'm sorry but who and who?

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    I don't see the point of either of these two being famous, actually. And I wish they'd cancel that damn "The Hills" show. It's all scripted anyhow.

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    than Lauren Conrad, hmmm so Lauren is so famous? She's like Flava of Love, Big Brother, Survivor, Real World, ya know shyt like that. Their famous?

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    More famous than Lauren Conrad?

    Yeah...o.k...whatever gets her though the night

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    Seriously, who works at MTV and decides that this is good stuff? Lame. It pains me so much to see this girl Lauren (who is more boring than oatmeal), get everything handed to her. I grew up in Laguna Beach as well and met her once, ZERO personality. She doesn't even talk. WEIRD GIRL. I've moved to L.A. since then and attended FIDM (all before her seeing how I'm 26). But it kills me knowing how I (and so many others) have to struggle so much in this city, and bob and weave through the fashion industry on our own, while this boring broad gets it handed to her on a silver platter. Who is she, and what has she done that's so deserving of all of this? She has no fashion sense, and I'm sure she figured she would just go to fashion school because it seemed right and convenient. It isn't something she's passionate about. So so frustrating. I got this from Very true:

    The New Yorker has written one of the best articles on The Hills eva!
    Here are a few of the HIGHlights from their piece:
    - "Most of the conversations start with one or another of the girls asking Lauren what she did the night before, and, constant as the questions are, they seem to be asked not out of curiosity but out of obligation, as if the girls were being paid to ask—as, indeed, they are."
    - "As for Lauren, she is smart enough to get as much gold as she can out of “The Hills” before it’s too late, and has started a fashion line, for which she has received, naturally, an undue amount of press attention, even though the clothes are sub-Old Navy in design."
    - "I have yet to hear any character on the show say something interesting or funny…or see anything that expands my sense of what it’s like to be a young person in Los Angeles."
    - "But The Hillsisn’t aiming to stimulate or inspire; I think people watch it mostly to figure out why they’re watching it. For younger viewers—who are the intended audience for the series—it may be a soothing fantasy about coming of age, and give them the sense that even after they leave their parents’ house they will still be the center of attention, the way these girls are.
    Too weird to live, too rare to die.

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