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Thread: Ashton Kutcher's list for Harper's Bazaar on what makes women unattractive

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    You crack me up sweetness!
    Mischief. Mayhem. Tattoos. Soap.

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    The weird thing about this bozo is he never mentions, great eyes, smile, nice personality, witts, humor or stance.

    Maybe I can meet a woman who has some of the "turn offs" this drooling leech has but if she has a nice humor and personality (read brains)..I am hooked... Prada be dammned... Im not sleeping with a purse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    My sympathies. I once worked with an old biddy that had terrible allergies, everyone was banned from wearing perfume at work (fair enough) but one day I got hauled over the coals for wearing perfume when she could smell.... MY UNSCENTED DEODERANT (that's I'd bought specially & paid extra for!), was totally unimpressed with that one!

    Oh, and I still think that Ashton Kutcher is a jerk!
    That is a little extreme. I have no problem with people that wear perfume "normally" as it's not their fault I have allergies BUT people that swim in the fucking stuff...I'd like to give them a swift kick in the ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetness View Post
    Don't forget Demi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissVenus;1189627[SIZE=2
    Ashton knows all about bags: Birken, Prada, Douche.

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