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Thread: Annie Lennox marries for the third time

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    She needs to think about resurrecting that sensational red bra she wore at a fabbo Eurythmics concert in London circa 1989. Good times.
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    I saw this on something and immediately thought, " Poor aabbcc!"
    I always wondered when Annie was going to come out.
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    ^^Seriously, I did too. Funny, I guess our gaydar was jammed on that one. Wishful thinking perhaps. Every team wants Annie!!!

    Congrats to her, though. I hope she'll be happy. She certainly has eclectic taste in guys!
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    I came in here to congratulate aabbcc. Bummer.
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    Congrats Annie (Bug hugs aabbcc). She can do no wrong in my eyes. Girl could pop a cap in my ass and I'd still have mad love for her.

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