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Thread: Angie Harmon: I’m voting for John McCain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbelle View Post
    Good for her for being honest about what she believes. When celebrities publicly support Democratic candidates such as Obama, they often get praised for it. You don't see many people saying that they're stupid or that they should keep their opinions to themselves.

    But when a celebrity endorses a Republican, he or she gets blasted. That's why many of the Republican celebrities aren't as vocal about it as the liberals. Respect for being a politically active celebrity doesn't go both ways.

    I understand why Angie and many other celebrities who are in the top income bracket may find the Republican positions on taxes and other issues appealing. I vote Republican because I feel that I personally benefit more from their policies than Democratic ones, and I respect other people's right to vote for a candidate, Republican or Democrat, whose platform they feel is most beneficial to them. Voting based on what you believe and what you support is not stupid, and I also don't think it's stupid to have beliefs that other people may not necessarily agree with.
    Yep, well said.

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    Great. So apparently she is a Republican because of her income bracket and how they will benefit her? Ok.

    I will change my initial response to..

    shut up selfish moneygrubbing bitch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tkdgirl View Post
    Eh, I'm not a right winger (was a republican, now just a conservative) and I'm pissed that McCain is the nominee. Just can't trust him.
    I hear ya. I was born/raised old school Dem, while living in a HIGHLY radical/left wing area. As I've aged I've pretty much turned out to be a social liberal with fiscally conservative leanings and a strong dose of practical common sense. Being sensible, I figure a politician who can be trusted is as hard to find as a healthy Dodo bird; it stands to reason that anyone who wants power badly enough to fight so hard for it probably isn't trustworthy.

    I don't much like any of the candidates. I so dearly wish I felt differently, honest. Oh well, at least I may get my mind blown a bit by seeing a NON white male in office. That would be quite a moment, in and of itself.

    I think you and SouthernBelle have expressed yourselves beautifully here. Ideally, I do support Harmon feeling like she should be able to express her views too, without fear of being ridiculed or lynched . As should we all.

    Heh heh, I forgot about Tom Selleck. I've never heard a bad thing about him and he turned out to be a very likeable character actor, so I guess he gives conservatives a bit of a better name, huh.
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