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Thread: Angie Bowie blames ex hubby David Bowie for turning their son Duncan against her

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittylady View Post
    This cunt is probably rubbing her hands in glee and will already have her agent hawking her shit to anyone who'll pay her for her reminisces. She's been living off his back for the last 40 years and this is her last big payday out of him.

    She's odious ...
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    That is all.
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    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

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    After Angie found out, she told Tiffany what happened. Well, there's another David in the house who's sick and has been looking very frail lately . . . .

    David Bowie's death is awful. At time like these, gallows humor is an important and healthy way to deal with grief. I appreciated the gallows humor of this Three's Company-like situation.

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    I find her annoying, but honestly, so far I'd say Angie's grief has been appropriate. She's obviously sad because he was her husband of a decade and the father of her kid, but she's not trying to play the widow. She's not running around sobbing and throwing herself on the floor, she was more upset that she fucked up telling everybody.
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    Seriously though? She had to use his first name only, as if someone is immediately going to know who she is talking about when there happens to be a David in the house? And he's sick? Lol, though.
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    When I first saw Tiffany's reaction, my immediate thought was - wow, she must have been a huge fan. It didn't even occur to me that she assumed it was David Gest. I didn't even think of the possible confusion.

    I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack. Never have been. LOL

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