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Thread: Angelina Jolie's young pics found

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    Quote Originally Posted by Str8_uncut-jock View Post
    Risking being an outcast, but I think she is hideous in those photos...16 or not. She is trying to be sexy, but she just comes off as an underdeveloped child trying to play dressup. She does not have a womans body in those photos! She still is covered in baby fat, her face is incredibly round, and overall, she looks terrible. And what about that latex body suit with lace leggings. Trash! This is not a new sentiment for me, I have always thought of her as that trashy bad girl who slept with anyone she could in search for love from someone, anyone. She is a trainwreck and putting her now in Cavalli clothes or whatever doesn't make her any less trashy.
    Agreed. Jolie is trash. You can't clean trash like her up. Even on the red carpet, she looks like trash with all of her prison tats.

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    Beautiful photos!

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