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Thread: Angelina Jolie 'wants open relationship with Brad Pitt'

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    Quote Originally Posted by aabbcc View Post
    I love how celebrity stories from 'sources' are often seen as true, but the ones about Skankalina are always bs.

    I can see the stick insect wanting an open relationship, but one that only applies to her. Vanilla has to stay at home and behave himself.
    It never, ever fails.

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    you already know.


    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    Well, yeah, but it's a shame they brought 6 kids into the mix. They don't see that much of each other. They should at least try and make it work for the sake of the babies.
    they're celebrities, they only really think of their public-self. narcissistic assholes like this shouldnt be allowed to breed!

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    IOW, 'thank you for the sperm, Mr. babysitter, but I'm going back to dine at the Y'.

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    All because this poor bastard wanted a fucking beer.

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    Duran Duran!!!!!!!

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