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Thread: Angelina Jolie: I thought I'd never find love

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsDark View Post
    Remember the dark and brooding Angelina Jolie, the one who wore one husband's blood around her neck and shared an uncomfortably intense kiss with her brother?

    And the one who slept with knives and fucked Billy Bob in the back of a limo? And looked hot?? Yeah. I miss that crazy bitch!

    Thanks for ruining her, Vanilla Pitt.

    Quote Originally Posted by czb View Post
    yeah, it's actually a big deal. that's why we don't dress them alike (unless they ask) or refer to them as a pair.

    thanks, i did not know that.

    seems like a kiss of death to tattoo a partner's name on your body ....
    Two words: Wino Forever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CornFlakegrl View Post
    I don't think she's been in a movie for years. You're just forgetting but she always heavily promotes her films, as she's paid to do.
    No, I even said that--I realize she's promoting a movie. But I don't remember her doing covers for promotions in the past. Of course, I have slept since her last promo, so it's highly possible I don't remember it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShilohJulia View Post
    i love Angie and have been a HUGE fan since i was in high school and saw her in Hackers and Foxfire (i also was super excited when she named her kid Shiloh lol since that's my name), she's always been my fav actress. but i don't agree with her statement that she never thought she'd find love. she was always in and out of relationships, and even when she met Brad he was married (i think Billy Bob was too when she met him). so i think she's trying to sugarcoat the past a bit- but i do think she loves Brad in a way she didn't love the others, so looking back she may gloss over the past. but she seems to always have been searching for love and thinking she was in it, with every partner, very passionate and obsessive about whomever she was with. as for never thinking she'd have kids: didnn't she adopt Maddox in her 20s? i mean, a lot of women don't think about having kids until they're older. i don't think she sat around saying "i will NEVER have children!" if that was the case she wouldn't have ADOPTED one before giving birth.
    I just have to ask... So what's your deal with Leann Rimes? I know most people take issue with LR's behavior post-affair, but Angie wasn't exactly a paragon of sensitivity to Laura or Jen either. And considering what you've shared about your own personal life, I just don't get it. Not ragging on, just genuinely puzzled.

    I'm regretting asking this before I even post, by the way.

    ETA: Never been a huge fan of Angie's looks or career in general, but she looks great in that pic. The effusive gushfest about Brad makes me want to vomit, though. I hate that kind of shit.
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    I misread the post. I thought there was one less coordinate than child. I have no idea. Maybe her birth coordinates? I will have to look this up on Google now.

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    mostroop, gas_chick already googled it and it's Brads birthplace.
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    Thanks Shellee & gas_chick. This was bugging me this morning.

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