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Thread: Angelina Jolie Files for Divorce from Brad Pitt

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    ^ They are props for her fading career and always have been.
    And props for her ego as well. She comes across as being a pure narcissist and these kids are her on-tap Narc Adoration supply. She's recreated the saintly, Holy of the Holiest, untouchable by mere mortals relationship she had with her own mother with them as the devotees.
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    ^ But that was a lie as well. She allegedly didn't visit her mother when she was dying. And she decided that she hated her father and then she decided that she didn't. It's all about whatever suits her purpose at the time and none of it is genuine. Her father didn't see her kids for so long, he thought one of them was called Sahara.
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    ^Jon Voight went on tv & said stuff about her mental health. And I seem to recall reading/hearing he said some things to her personally too, but I could be mistaken about that. In any case, the stuff he sad on tv conflicted with the new image she was cultivating.
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    Angelina types would probably register their kids as a tax exempt charity......then run all their personal finances through the charity.

    Charity to some is just the new version of family trusts.
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    I like Angelina, always have. I, too, was a massive fan around the time she adopted Maddox and was off on her own with just her baby, pre-Brad. I still like her. I do think she's a true humanitarian. And it's not my business how she used her kids as publicity for her image and movies. But she did. I believe she did that, and I also believe she's a good mother and loves her kids. It's not all one or the other.

    I've found it very sad how this divorce has played out. I do believe she was the better parent in the later years of their marriage, and she has a right to feel anger towards Brad. He had major issues and caused pain. And whatever happened on the plane hurt his relationship with Maddox. But it's been years now and he's obviously worked on his issues. He is their dad. They definitely don't co-parent. She seems bitter. I believe the anger she's held onto is because she considers those kids hers. She said she wanted to keep traveling the world with her brood, which seemed crazy. The older kids were tweens, teenagers. Teenagers need stability and an independent life with local friends, not living here, there and everywhere. So once the divorce happened, she was forced to create a real home base. If Brad would have given in and let her go off and live her life wherever, whenever with those kids as she saw fit, I guarantee all of a sudden she would be singing his praises. And the kids pick up on how she feels towards him and are protective of her. Say what you want about Jen Garner. She could have really turned those kids against Ben with all the crap she's had to deal with, but fostering a good relationship with kids and dad was important to her, because that's what was best for the children in the long run. She, obviously, still had it set up where Ben, in his bad periods, wasn't off alone with the kids, etc, but she didn't alienate him from them either.

    Angelina has such a co-dependency with her children, that I don't believe any of them will ever be truly close to Brad.
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    Ugh. I hate defending either of these assholes, but those kids aren't just HERS, that's the whole point. She could have continued adopting babies alone, or birthing them as a single mom, but she chose to breed with Pitt and paint this happy family picture until, it wasn't. I do agree they will probably never have a normal relationship with him because, parental alienation. And she pimps them out like there's no tomorrow, which I think is wrong. And who knows what kind of relationship they have with him now, because he's not talking (which I have to give him credit for), and she sure won't.

    I also agree Jen Garner is a freaking saint, compared to St. Angelina anyway. I do believe she puts her kids first.
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    I don't care for what she's doing with these kids and for his faults I guarantee Brad is no worse a parent than her. I'd even go as far as believing that with the exception of the spell of excess drinking culminating in the airplane incident, I'd say probably the more sane and stable parent.

    But no way am I gonna judge her harshly for being on-off again with Jon Voight. I know exactly what it's like having to establish boundaries with a parent and that whole back and forth push-pull that comes with trying to think you can/should have a certain kind of relationship with them (the one a child is supposed to be able to have with a parent...and never stops longing for) only to have to backtrack after you realize they're up to their same bullshit...and then finally finding some balance. The fact that Jon Voight didn't know the names of his own grandkids (I remember hearing Zahara called 'Shakira' in an interview) is on him, not her.
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    i'm also wary of asshole parents who go to the media to talk about issues with their celebrity kids. it's toxic and manipulative and selfish and it's more about wanting to humiliate their kid than it is about actually wanting to mend fences. see: thomas markle and his bullshit.

    i have no doubt jolie's got a shitload of issues, and i've always said she was a functioning anorexic, but i also don't think she's the evil succubus some people make her out to be. and it's weird, she does pimp her kids out in some ways - the pap strolls, comments like these recent ones about her daughters' surgeries/health issues. but even those comments, though attention-seeking, are vague enough that she's not really violating their privacy. and in other ways, those kids are more private and protected from the public than many other celebrity spawn - will and jada's kids, tori spelling's kids, gabrielle union and their 12 year-old daughter publicly coming out as trans (which, though great for other kids who might be struggling, makes me a little wary since she's only 12 and shouldn't be living her life in public regardless of her and her parents' good intentions). jolie and pitt's kids don't have social media accounts (at least not public ones), the oldest went to university in korea instead of pursuing a typical celeb spawn path of dj/influencer/model/'photographer' ( la brooklyn beckham).
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    ^I agree about the kids. I also think she has an understanding with the paps - I'll give you X opportunities a month to snap us, then you leave us alone the rest of the time. I think Goopy said she did something similar when her kids were smaller and she was being hounded every time they left the house. As far as celeb spawn goes, we don't see this lot all that much.
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    I wonder if that was after she nearly killed one of her kids on the motor scooter.
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