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Thread: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt confirm they are having fraternal twins (fertility meds)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post

    There was a (UK?) DNA study that reported that X% (and it was a high % like 75% or over) had specifically Afro American blood (in the US), but not many people claim that.

    I remember watching a program on PBS that said a number of light skin blacks left the south after the Civil War and passed as white (usually Italian) or as/part Native American and married in white families. Also, back during the colonial era, when blacks and white
    we're both indentured servent, some of them married each other legally and this could be another way that whites have black ancestry.

    I think that some people like talking about/claim having N.A. ancestry because maybe it makes them feel more authentically American.

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    I'm glad I wasn't the only one that saw it!

    Thanks for the rest. Maybe we're such "mongrels" over in Europe that its not such a big deal? I don't know if other Europeans feel that way or if it's just because my family moved around so much (my Mum will be the first person on her side of the family that is born & dies is the same country for 3 generations that we know of...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkly View Post
    Jeez, just because some people don't like her, they shouldn't ASSUME that she's completely making up her NA ancestry.

    Most of us in the U.S. come from several different lineages, and a very LARGE percentage of the population has at least some NA blood.

    I'm Cherokee and Swedish, but I guess I must be making that up if someone decides they don't like me.
    I agree. Besides, if she's part French-Canadian, she very well have Metis (French-NA) blood in her.
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