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Hopefully he's drying out in a jail cell somewhere after getting his ass Narcan'd. And not allowed back into this building.

It pisses me off to think of possible elderly or handicapped residents having to be emergency evacuated out of their building because of this asshat.
Its kind of worse than that - due to the Grenfell Fire when a block of flats (apartment block) burnt due to the cladding not being fire retarded there is a lot of stress around this type of living at the moment.

Even funnier - this is a council block and it is *not* in a good area. Not as bad as some in Leeds but put it this way, I don’t use any of the shops in that area and I’m not sure my vehicle would have wheels when I came back.

Years ago I k ow someone who lived here between women and it was a right shithole. And because you’re at the top of the hill & then high up the wind whistles through every nook & cranny day and night.....