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Thread: Amy Adams Gives Up First Class Seat to US Soldier in Coach

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    ^ And then you woke up?
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    Pictures or it didn't happen, Mo.

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    That was so nice of her. On a flight my boyfriend and I were late getting to the gate so when we got to our seats the lady there was angry because she had a baby (that she didn't pay for) and she thought that since the seats were empty that she would get to use the seats. The flight attendants told her to move the baby to her lap and she refused and caused a big stink and the plane couldn't take off. The flight attendants decided to stick it to her and moved us to 1st class and the other passengers clapped. And she was still pissed and wondered why SHE didn't get moved to 1st class, the nerve!! It was fun though, I'm sure the soldier enjoyed it

    Oh yeah, the first thing she did was offer us a drink and my boyfriend and I refused (recovering alcoholics) and she said, "Are you kidding, don't you need a drink after THAT?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    ^ And then you woke up?
    And my ass was bleeding.....

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