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Thread: Alzheimer-Stricken B. Smith’s Husband Takes Care of Her And Has a Girlfriend

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    Even now I think she's better looking than the girlfriend.

    The husband, OTOH, sounds like a whiny little baby. Too bad both women can't just chuck him and do a Kate and Allie.
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    Alzheimer's Disease is incomprehensible to anyone who has not LIVED with it. I don't mean visited it, or even 8 hours dealt with it as a job. I mean the gut-wrenching, scary reality of dealing with it 24/7 and knowing it will only get worse. Imagine living in constant fear that you will miss some small event that will have catastrophic consequences; burn the house down, take the car into a crowd of people, kill a child. One partner to help out...make that three. One to keep you sane, one to be vigilant, and one to watch the watcher. I don't think anyone has a right to judge, and if they run away together still no shame. That kind of stress and anxiety is not healthy for a young person let alone someone thinking "am I next?"

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    Thanks for sharing your opinion *eyes roll out of head*
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