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Thread: Alyssa Milano Defends Public Breast-feeding To Wendy Williams

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    she lost me at "breast feeding journey"...

    it's just boobs for god's sake and people need to chill the fuck out but that's no excuse to get all precious and call it a motherfucking journey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soogar View Post
    It really depends on how women breast feed. There are a lot of women who are discrete and the baby's head covers their chest. Then there are some women who really make a show of it like the dope who sat right diagonally across from me and pulled her breast out of her dress and fed her toddler while I was trying to enjoy my tea. The woman was gross and I left. No, I couldn't look away because it was a small packed cafe and the tables were next to each other. Peeing and changing baby's diapers are natural too, yet people tend not to do that in public.

    Oh yes they do. I used to work at an indoor tourist attraction, and I saw many mothers changing their babies on benches, café tables, and floors. Some while waiting in line. Then they would come with their diapers, and throw them away at the concession station. I'd cringe every time I'd hear the weight of the diaper hit the inside of the garbage can. I got fed up, and asked a women to take her diaper to the ladies room to throw it away since there is food here. She replied "It's just piss". I said "Ma'am, please!" She walked the 15 steps around the corner to the ladies room.
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    “Amanada, No disrespect, but your nipple would be the last one I would want to see,”
    So don't look, dipshit. It really does show how far we still have to go as a society when the kneejerk response when a woman speaks out about women's issues is "well, you're not hot enough for me to care what you think." I hope his balls fall off.

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    I was at baggage claim at Chicago O'Hare once when a pretty young woman sat down on the edge of the baggage carousel, whipped out her breast and started breastfeeding her towheaded 3 year old. Fine, nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public I'm thinking. Then the kid runs off to his father and the woman continues to sit there for an extended period of time with her boob hanging out while the businessmen on our flight openly stared and drooled. Suddenly, everything about the scene, the woman and the men seemed so inappropriate.
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    I'm all for breast feeding in public. It can be done dicretely, and there's no reason new mothers should stay at home for the 3-6 months. Newborns need to eat right now, or they'll scream their heads off. A three year old however, can wait or eat a banana.

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    After breastfeeding, you really do think about breasts differently. You're so used to just feeding your kid that you sort of don't realize that your boob is out in public. Just kidding, sort of. I was mostly discreet, simply because I was. I used to sit and lift my shirt. My actual nipple was exposed for about half a second before my kid latched on. I didn't just sit there and chat with people while free-boobin' it. Once my kid was done, she was usually asleep and once I moved her away my shirt fell and covered the offending boob. I didn't go into a bathroom, unless it was a mother's lounge or something. I wasn't feeding my kid while someone is taking shit next to me. No thanks.

    I think it's stupid to get so bent out of shape over breasts. Human and animal babies have eaten this way for years. It's not a big deal. Sheesh.
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