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You're right Novice there's a few people this could be and it may not even be true at all. I worded it very poorly in my first post. I didn't mean to say Oscuma was the one that leaked it but rather it would be the kind of thing HE would do to someone. But given the reasons already posted I thought it might be her because of the use of "pop princess" and "America's" sweetheart - (nixing Amy Winehouse, Hohan, the Olsens and Paris) and also the "package" clue which was the code name the police used when they took her to the hospital on the 5150. Also the "list" with very rich (Greasy Bear Davis - EW) and very famous (JT - even if it was many, many years ago) fit. I also took the coloured guy thing to include as anyone darker skinned such as Adnan and Oscuma as well.

Whoever it is - if it is true - I hope takes their meds, stays healthy, and practices safe sex. Most of all I wish for her kid's sakes that none of it is true at all.

I hope that clears up my faux pas. Thanks Novice for the heads up on how confusing it sounded.
No, no, I just thought I'd missed something!!!!
I totally agree that it is something that Sam Lufti (I like your name for him!) would do; and also that it does fit Britney.
And I totally agree to your sentiments of taking their meds, practising safe sex and looking after themselves.