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Thread: Alicia Keys to marry this summer *cough, cough*

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    I thought all the coughing was just some one clearing their throat! Smokers perhaps.

    I guess 50 Cent ain't gonna be invited to the nuptials, what with the offense he's taken at her Gansta Rap Conspiracy comments.

    50 Cent -- Alicia, You Ignorant Slut! -

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    I'm sure Alicia won't lose any sleep knowing that 50 Cent doesn't approve of her. lmao
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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    thing is she had a good rep so why would she say things so off the wall and controversial? If she was tired of her good girl image she could have gone without her panties a time or two. If she really said that stuff it was a bad move on her part.

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