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Thread: Ali Lohan's schoolmates suspended over internet video

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    After this...`I bet she is going to be real popular at school...NOT!

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    Our public school has written into the code of conduct that bullying via the internet, text messaging, etc. will not be tolerated and is subject to action. They have been forced to take measures for the newest technology based on how kids were abusing it. Bullying is bad enough when it is face to face. The cowardly bullies and even worse when they can do it on line or through text and not even have to face their victim. A Middle School in our area is currently dealing with a case where a group of kids started a facebook hate group against another child who they believed had reported them for selling drugs at school.

    It's easy for us to all say too bad since it was a Lohan. You would probably feel different if it was your kid being bullied on line.

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    Default The proof is in the beating

    Sorta related to this discussion:

    The aggression began on the Internet, and carried over into real life violence.
    It's disturbing when girls spread rumors (aka "slam" each other) on social networking pages. Because of the anonymity of the Web, many teens say and do things online that they never would in person. But the news about this hate talk escalating to physical assault and violence is beyond horrific.
    In Florida, six girls, ages 14 to 17, have been accused of videotaping themselves beating 16-year-old cheerleader Victoria Lindsay for over 30 minutes. And they allegedly had intentions of posting the footage on sites like MySpace and YouTube. (Warning: This video contains graphic violence.)


    Lindsay was taken to a hospital by ambulance and treated for a concussion, damage to her left eye and left ear, and numerous bruises. Her six attackers have been arrested and charged with felony battery and false imprisonment.

    For these girls, did the false sense of power they felt on the Internet carry over into their everday lives? Is that what gave them the courage to carry out this senseless act of violence? Or have kids always been this violent toward each other, but now they just have the technology to display it?


    UPDATE: Girls charged as adults in videotaped beating: The seven teen girls who posted a tape of themselves beating a 16-year-old girl will be tried as adults. The Florida girls face battery and kidnapping charges and up to life in prison.

    I *wish* this girl had somehow gotten help when it was merely Internet bullying outside of school. I think this shit is increasingly going to be the norm. I used to think it was an aberration, but I realize that was a bit on the naive side. Hey, I'm learning, and also hoping for schools to take the tactics used for Lohan's bullies *before* everyone got a shot at risking the future (bullies and victim).

    I hope the attackers get the same kind of "justice" visited on them, not that I think they will ever feel any remorse.

    They'll be tried as adults: Girls Charged In Brutal Videotaped Beating To Be Tried As Adults - News Story - WFTV Orlando

    And the shit does splatter: Callers Harass Wrong Family In Videotaped Teen Beating Case - News Story - WFTV Orlando

    Also, what civil rights were taken away from Lohan's bullies?
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