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Thread: Alec and Hilaria Baldwin expecting their fourth child

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    And she needed 4 weeks to come up with THAT?

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    She gave her all her children complete Spanish names.

    That's slightly greater than raising them to share love and respect for both cultures, one of which they have zero connection to outside of their mom traveling with her own parents and then teaching them to speak Spanish. But I do think it's great that they're being taught another language. The best time to incorporate another language is this early.

    Just stop pretending you're Spanish, Hilary. Your kids are not Spanish. Is she even honest with own her kids about this?

    Does she or will she say anything like this: "No we aren't Spanish by blood, but your momma has been to Spain a few times, my family loved it and moved there, and I grew to love and feel such a connection to this country and culture that we gave all you kids Spanish names and decided to make sure you learned the language" Somehow I doubt this.

    What a kook. If she hadn't been such an attention-hungry fame-whore at the same time she might have eluded any focus and rode this scam out for years. At least the kids won't be as confused now.
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    She should have been more clear? How about you should have not lied and misrepresented yourself.

    I don't believe the core of her story -- that she was raised in a bicultural environment. And Alec out and out lied about where she was from.

    So stupid. Just own your lie and move on. I'd have a hell of a lot respect if she did that.
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    This whole “I was raised with two cultures” approach being used to justify this BS.... I was raised in a primarily French speaking city. I am fluently bilingual. While there are a lot of things I appreciate and love about French people and culture .... none of that makes me French, culturally or otherwise. My exposure to French culture was just that - exposure. To claim I was “raised with two cultures” that then entitle me to claim I’m French would just be lying. And what would make that worse is if I cosplayed French culture as wearing berets, smoking Gauloises and having baguette for breakfast. Which is Hilaria’s approach - paella, flamenco and fans. Gimme a break.

    Her response is just another apolo-lie.
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    But the real question is...will Alec be coming back to twitter?
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    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    'I had to get rid of the kid. The cat was allergic.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
    But the real question is...will Alec be coming back to twitter?
    Did he ever leave????
    If Alec Tweets but no-one reads it - did it even happen??
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