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Thread: Adrienne Maloof & Dr. Paul Nassif both File For Divorce (RHOBH)

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    Paul always seemed afraid of her.

    Shame, I used to like Adrienne. I admired her for being so hard working, she seemed honest, stayed clear off the drama... And then she changed. Or maybe she just showed her true colors, who knows. I have disliked her ever since she started picking fights with Lisa.
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    She clearly thought she'd take the Taylor Armstrong route and claim he was violent just to get custody. She seemed to hate him on Season 2 but he seemed to still love her. Brandi got it right, yet again, when she 'question-marked' their marriage.

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    I have never seen the show and don't know who these people are. However, the fact that he filed for separation in July, and she publically said she hoped to reconcile, tells me a lot. Then he filed for divorce, so she didn't get the reconciliation she so wanted, and now she has declared war.
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    Paul Nassif Granted Visitation with Kids

    Paul Nassif can see his kids again.

    A judge on Wednesday granted Nassif who is in the middle of a bitter divorce from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof the opportunity to see his three sons, and overturned a temporary restraining order against him.

    Maloof, 51, has claimed that Nassif, 50, displayed violence towards their children and is a danger to them. The couple are parents to 9-year-old son Gavin and 6-year-old twins Christian and Collin.

    Nassif arrived in court on Wednesday with a letter from the Department of Children and Family Services saying that the abuse claim was "unfounded." A judge granted him two monitored visits with the kids before a scheduled hearing on Oct. 9, where custody will be discussed further.

    "He is delighted and continues to hope that the children will be able to spend significant time with both parents and grow up and experience as normal a childhood as they can," a source close to Nassif tells PEOPLE. Nassif has scheduled visits with his kids on Sept. 29 and Oct. 6.

    Maloof, meanwhile, is "comfortable with the court's decision," her rep Howard Bragman tells PEOPLE. "She respects it. She is happy that the kids are spending monitored time with their father."
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    Quote Originally Posted by sluce View Post
    I have never seen the show and don't know who these people are. However, the fact that he filed for separation in July, and she publically said she hoped to reconcile, tells me a lot. Then he filed for divorce, so she didn't get the reconciliation she so wanted, and now she has declared war.
    You never know what goes on in a marriage. However, having watched all three seasons of RHOBH, Adrienne has never treated Paul well at all. She's always kind of putting him down, acts like she doesn't want him touching her. Her behaviour towards him has been cringeworthy.

    She can't sink any lower in my book after this obvious lie about possible child abuse. He should sue her for slander/defamation of character. It could have harmed his professional reputation enormously. Adrienne and her brother's are desperate. They made all sorts of bad financial decisions and now own ONLY 2% of the Palms and all of the Sacramento Kings. Apparently they are proving to be unpopular owners in Sacramento as well.

    I doubt Paul wants her money. He probably has little respect for her brothers, who managed to do this to the family fortune. It is largely gone!

    Maloof press conference a how-to-guide for burning bridges in Sacramento | ProBasketballTalk

    They have lost $100 million on the Kings since buying them, the team now loses $10 million a year, they owe the NBA $100 million, Sacramento $80 million. Her idiot brothers sold the family cash cow, the recession proof beer distributorship because they thought they were going to be casino moguls...

    Their last asset the Kings is worthe 300 million per Forbes Magazine and they owe $205 million on that.

    Enough of the finances but I found it to be a fascinating story of 3 Playboy's, each an Icurasus.

    As for the sister, I realized Adrienne was a vile piece of work during her fight with Lisa but I never dreamed she would sink this low.

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    • Friend posted pictures of battered Real Housewife of Beverly Hills to Facebook
    • Wrote on his wall as he posted the pictures: 'Adrienne was pushed to the ground, punched and beaten... he is a beast.
    • 'Plastic surgeon vehemently denies insinuation that he's responsible

    They're in the middle of a messy split, she's even had a restraining order taken out on him.
    So when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof's chef Bernie Guzman posted right pictures of the former on his Facebook page looking beaten and bruised, it was hard not to jump to conclusions about her ex, Dr. Paul Nassif.

    Battered and bruised: Bernie Guzman posted these pictures of his friend, Adrienne Maloof on Facebook on Monday

    Especially when Guzman - who has appeared on several episodes of the Bravo show - strongly insinuated that Paul is responsible for the injuries.
    Bernie wrote several messages on his wall as he posted the photos, saying, 'ADRIENNE MALOOF WAS PUSHED TO THE GROUND. PUNCHED & BEATEN ... HE IS A BEAST.'

    Tell-tale signs: Marty Singer believes the injuries may be the result of Adrienne's martial arts work-outs

    Mystery deepens: This looks set to become one of Hollywood's messiest divorces

    Dr. Nassif's lawyer, Marty Singer, told TMZ: 'Any suggestion that the photos show my client struck Adrienne Maloof is a complete fabrication.'
    Singer added: 'No physical assault ever occurred.'
    As for how Adrienne suffered the injuries, Singer said: 'I can't speculate how these marks occurred. I know the woman does martial arts.'

    Once so close: The couple in happier times

    After being granted temporary custody of their three sons late last month, Maloof successfully obtained a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband.
    According to documents acquired by TMZ, Nassif, 50, has been ordered to stay at least 100 feet away from Maloof, their boys, her home and their children's school.
    The 50-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shares sons Gavin, 9, and twins Colin and Christian, 6, with the plastic surgeon.
    After ten years of marriage, Maloof and Nassif both filed for divorce in late August.

    Maloof's lawyer filed a declaration accusing Nassif of physically abusing their boys.
    The Bravo star claimed he allegedly choked one of their boys when they were fighting after school. While the boys were taking a bath later that day, Nassif allegedly spanked one of his sons and 'threw him in the corner.'
    The judge subsequently granted Maloof temporary custody of her sons.
    Nassif's attorney, Lisa Meyer, denied the allegations and said: 'This smacks of underhandedness. Adrienne wasn't even present when this allegedly occurred.'
    Meyer told TMZ: 'It is a sad day when parents have to stoop to the level of making false allegations against another parent.'

    Read more: Adrienne Maloof's husband says he isn't responsible for ex-wife's battered body after friend posts pictures of bruises inflicted by 'beast' | Mail Online
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    you'd think with all that money, she'd be able to buy a better camera. if i was battered, i'd be for fucking sure the pics were clear.
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    If she was battered by him send the photos to the police instead of posting them on fb.

    The chef is in her employ, & therefore could be doing this at her behest, he's not exactly independant.

    Funny how they're not dated either & if he's got a restraining order how could he have done it?
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    What an idiot for posting it on facebook instead of saving it for court and the police. Like what good will posting it on facebook do? And like Novice said this guy is her employee.

    From watching the show she always seemed to dominate him. I would buy her abusing him more than him abusing her. Maybe he is abusive, but I wouldn't really take her word for it based on blurry pics when she wants to win a custody battle. I wouldn't put it past her to make this up to get what she wants. I know it's bad to doubt a potential victim of abuse, but she seems a lot more abusive and crazy than him (from an outside perspective). Didn't she make something up before about him pushing her outside court which was BS?
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    So... based on insanely blurry photos posted on FB, we're just supposed to believe he beat the shit out of her... back?!?

    He didnt hit her face? Arms? Legs? It just seems like you could have fallen down drunk & caused the same amount of "damage"
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    So... The truth is finally coming out.
    Adrienne Maloofs Divorce Battle Heats Up: Paul Wont Get Any Of Her Money!
    November 1, 2012 | 2:30pm EDT

    Hands off her money! Adrienne Maloof is ready to go to battle with her estranged husband Paul Nassif in their increasingly nasty divorce and has exclusively learned that she is refusing to give him half of her fortune!

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been battling her plastic surgeon hubby over the custody of their three children but a source close to her says that he has been demanding half of her money.

    PHOTOS: Real Housewives Show Off Their Hot Bikini Bodies!**

    "Adrienne wants to settle this divorce from Paul but he says he wants 50 percent of her money and there is no way she is going to give that to him," the source insists.

    "She doesnt want to give him a dime and she is going to make sure that he cant touch her assets.

    PHOTOS: "Real Housewives": Best or Bust?**

    "Adrienne has wanted to settle this divorce since May but shes not going to just give Paul money to go away, she doesnt think he deserves it and he isnt going to get it."

    There is an iron-clad pre-nup in place but the source said Adrienne has been told by Paul that hes still going to try and get more money from her.

    PHOTOS: Reality TV's Hottest Stars**

    "Adrienne is prepared to fight Paul tooth and nail to make sure he keeps away from her money!"

    Paul and Adriennes breakup is going to be featured on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which premieres on Bravo Monday, November 5.
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