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Thread: Adam West, Straight-Faced Star of TV's 'Batman,' Dies at 88

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    I know he lived a nice long life but this still punched me in the gut. Loved him and that show so damn much. I loved how he could have been a dick and refused to acknowledge the show after the beating it took by a lot of people but he just embraced it and could laugh at himself and just enjoy the ride it gave him. He will forever be my Batman who is forever looking for a place to throw a bomb.

    I am going to come and burn the fucking house down... but you will blow me first."

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    Holy tribute! Bat Signal shines over the sky in downtown Los Angeles in honor of late Batman star Adam West

    By Paul Chavez For
    Published: 20:19 EDT, 15 June 2017 | Updated: 05:42 EDT, 16 June 2017

    The Bat Signal was lit up Thursday night over the sky in Los Angeles in honor of late Batman star Adam West.
    The iconic Bat Signal that displays Batman's winged emblem was projected onto the tower at Los Angeles City Hall during a ceremony with Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck.
    Burt Ward, 71, who played Batman's crime-fighting partner Robin, and Lee Meriwether, 82, who played Catwoman in Batman: The Movie, also attended the tribute.

    Paying tribute: The Bat Signal was lit up in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday in honor of late Batman actor Adam West, shown in October in New York City, who died Friday aged 88

    West portrayed Batman in the 1960s TV series and died last Friday aged 88 after a short battle with leukemia.
    Batman aired from 1966 to 1968 and West's earnest portrayal of the Caped Crusader on the campy show propelled the DC Comics character into the national consciousness.

    Fans dressed as Batman characters joined in on the downtown tribute to the actor.
    Those unable to attend were encouraged by the West family to make a donation to the Adam West Memorial Fund for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and Camp Rainbow Gold, an Idaho-based charity for children with cancer and their families.

    Iconic signal: The Bat Signal was projected onto City Hall in Los Angeles as part of a tribute to West


    TV superhero: West, shown in a 1966 promo still, played Batman for three seasons

    Ward, 71, was crushed by the loss of his close friend and co-star from the show.
    'Adam and I had a special friendship for more than 50 years,' he told Variety in a statement.
    'We shared some of the most fun times of our lives together. Our families have deep love and respect for each other.

    Paying tribute: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and Burt Ward are shown at the tribute


    Showing respect: Lee Meriwether who played Catwoman in Batman: The Movie, also attended the lighting ceremony


    Hot line: LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and the mayor lit up the Bat Signal


    Dark knight: A man dressed as Batman posed in front of the Bat Signal projected onto City Hall


    Comic characters: Fans dressed as characters from Batman joined in on the tribute

    'This is a terribly unexpected loss of my lifelong friend. I will forever miss him.
    'There are several fine actors who have portrayed Batman in films. In my eyes, there was only one real Batman that is and always will be Adam West. He was truly the Bright Night.'
    West was born William West Anderson on September 19, 1928 in Walla Walla, Washington. He was the second of two sons.

    Dynamic duo: Burt Ward is shown as Robin and West as Batman in a 1966 still photo


    Together again: West and Ward teamed up in 1989 as Batman and Robin at a car show in Chicago

    His father Otto was a wheat farmer and his mother Audrey was a pianist and opera singer. After his parents divorced, West, who was 15, moved to Seattle with his mother.
    He graduated from Whitman College, a private liberal arts school, in Walla Walla.
    After serving in the Army, he went to Hollywood and took the stage name of Adam West.

    He began appearing on a number of television series, including 'Bonanza,' 'Perry Mason' and 'Bewitched.'
    He caught the attention of Batman's producer after he played a James Bond-type character in a commercial for Nestle.
    After reading the pilot script of the show, he said in a 2006 interview he 'knew after 20 pages that it was the kind of comedy I wanted to do'.

    Hollywood star: The actor is shown in April 2012 during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in Los Angeles

    'You can't play Batman in a serious, square-jawed, straight-ahead way without giving the audience the sense that there's something behind that mask waiting to get out, that he's a little crazed, he's strange,' he said.
    After debuting on January 12, 1966, Batman was an immediate hit and was nominated for the Emmy Award for outstanding comedy series in its first year, though it lost to The Dick Van Dyke Show.
    A movie for the series was hurried into production and played in theaters ahead of the second season, which aired starting in September 1966.
    But after the show's third season, it lost popularity and Batman was canceled in March 1968.
    West's portrayal of the Caped Crusader however would live on for years in reruns and he also teamed up with Ward to voice their famous characters for a cartoon.

    They mayor: West, shown last month in Culver City, California, also voiced Mayor Adam West on Family Guy

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    I love this so much.

    I'm such a dork.
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    Meriwether looks damned good for her age.
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    Warren Beatty: actor, director, writer, producer.

    ***** celeb

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    Quote Originally Posted by HWBL View Post
    Meriwether looks damned good for her age.
    I thought so, too. I don't know if it was mentioned, but I think he was also one of the voices in "The Fairly Odd Parents" - a gratingly annoying cartoon my kids tortured me with for several years.

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    She does look good but batshit crazy Julie Newmar was my favorite Catwoman.
    I am going to come and burn the fucking house down... but you will blow me first."

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    Adam West remained handsome throughout his life, like a few others who made it into their 80s: Paul Newman, Cary Grant, fill-in-the-blank.

    Bone structure and genetics, I guess.
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