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Thread: Adam Sandler and wife expecting another baby

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    Hopefully this one will get Mummy's looks.

    So mean! Sadie is a cutie though.

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    WOW...that child is unfortunate looking
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    There are height and weight charts that most pediatricians follow. If a kid is in the 75th percentile for weight, it's not such a big deal if they are also tall for their age. Now if your kid is in the 75th percentile for weight and 5% for height, that's a bit different.

    I actually think Sadie is a cute kid. I'm sure she'll have a wicked sense of humor growing up in that house.

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    Congrats to them.. Sadie looks so sweet!
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    Oh christ. That's not a fat baby. Babies are supposed to have a higher percentage of bodyfat (relative to total body mass) at this age. They actually need it for organ development. Unless we're talking a 0-36 month old in the 5th percentile for height combined with 95th (or higher) percentile for weight, you should actually worry more if your baby/toddler is underweight.

    Many normal weight for height kids don't "thin out" until they're close to school age.
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