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Thread: Actress Elizabeth Pena has died

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    Such a horrible way to go. To everyone here who's had a loved one go through it, my deepest sympathy! My husband's first wife drank herself to death in her forties. Her little girls had to watch her sink and die in a matter of weeks...everything basically shut down, total kidney and liver failure. Nobody could ever make her stop drinking. She has missed so much--five beautiful grandkids and the whole second half of her own life.

    It's so sad that liquor was Elizabeth's secret demon too. It certainly never showed in her performances, nor in her face till near the end. I guess some folks carry all the damage on the inside...
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    My brother in law died two weeks ago from the same thing. He lives far away and we knew he had a drinking problem but don't see him that often and didn't know the extent of it. It was a week and a half from the time he collapsed and went into intensive care until he died. Liver and kidney failure. Nothing they could do. He left behind 3 boys. A terrible aspect was he went through alcohol withdrawal in the hospital, with his parents there to go through the whole thing with him. I can't imagine how awful this experience for them. My husband is still shell shocked and will be for a long time. It seems unreal.

    So sad for her and her family.

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    I thought she just looked like real life 50s not Hollywood 50s. I would have never guessed such extreme alcohol abuse. It's a huge shame.

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