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Thread: Actor Larry Hagman, notorious and beloved as 'Dallas' villain J.R. Ewing, dies

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    RIP Major, JR Ewing

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    Goodbye Major Nelson happy travels.

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    he was such a legend . loved him in I dream of Jeannie and Dallas ,and also new Dallas episodes. R.I.P to Larry .

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    Awww, so sad. I loved Larry Hagman. Dallas will not be the same.

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    Larry Hagman Death: 'Dallas' Prepping Send-Off - Hollywood Reporter

    'Dallas' Producers Prepping Send-Off for Larry Hagman's J.R. Ewing

    UPDATED: Writers and producers on the TNT update will begin work on a proper wrap-up for the iconic character.

    J.R. Ewing may be getting a proper farewell.

    With Larry Hagman's death on Friday and Dallas returning early next year, producers will now begin work on a way to give his iconic character a proper send-off, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter -- a possible indication that his passing caught the writers off-guard.

    PHOTOS: Hollywood's Notable Deaths of 2012

    Hagman, who reprised his role as the scheming oil tycoon for the TNT update, filmed six episodes of the 15 ordered for the second season of the soap, and will appear when new episodes kick off Jan. 28. The first season closed out with J.R. and his son John Ross (Josh Henderson) teaming up and with a plan to destroy Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Elena (Jordana Brewster).

    At the moment there is no timeline on how production of Dallas will be affected, though Hagman's death is not expected to impact the premiere.

    On Friday evening, executive producers Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin in a joint statementsaid Hagman was "a giant, larger-than-life personality" and loved playing "this globally recognized character."

    PHOTOS: Reviving an Empire: Behind the Scenes of TNT's 'Dallas

    Hagman, who also starred opposite Barbara Eden in 1960s hit I Dream of Jeannie, was diagnosed with cancer more than one year ago and continued to work on Dallas during treatment. He appeared in 10 episodes in the first season of the TNT series, which debuted in June.

    Hagman's character was at the center of the famous “Who Shot J.R.?” storyline in which J.R. Ewing was fired upon in the 1979-80 season finale in March with the suspect not revealed until the following November -- when the series attracted a then-record 53.3 rating and 76 share.
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    This one hurts.....

    My Fridays were spent watching him....and I loved every minute of it. And he was great in Primary Colors and everything else his face was in. Just loved him.

    RIP ass kicker you.
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    Maybe someone should shoot JR again and send his character off the right way!!!! so sad. RIP dear major.. I dreamed of Jeannie was my favorite show, then Dallas.....

    I always wondered if Joshua Jackson was somehow related to him, he reminds me of him so much.
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    ^ I second the Joshua Jackson resemblance. Also Canadian actor Paul Gross looks a lot like young Larry:

    I don't have many memories of Dallas but I adored him in I Dream of Jeannie RIP

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    RIP, Major Nelson. Hey was so much fun on I Dream of Jeannie.

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    He was larger than life and I guess I expected him to live forever. RIP and thanks for all the fun!
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    Another legend gone.

    This makes me sad. He was a very nice man based on what I'd been told by everyone I knew that had met him or worked with him.

    May he rest in peace.

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    Oh, this is epic (I checked to see if it had been posted before here, but it looked like it hand't). Barbara Eden wrote some stuff about the "crazy" Larry Hagman. I'm just going to print some excerpts:

    One morning, while Sally Field is filming The Flying Nun on the next sound stage, a group of elderly nuns pay a visit to the set. Afterwards, someone comes up with the idea of bringing them over to the I Dream Of Jeannie set for a visit as well.
    So here they are, about ten of them: sweet and gentle in their black-and-white habits, their hands folded, their eyes bright with anticipation at the thought of visiting another Hollywood set and meeting us.
    Larry takes one look at the nuns, grabs an axe, which one of the technicians happens to have in the studio that day, and swings it around his head so ferociously that he could easily have killed someone.

    As he swings it, he lets out a torrent that includes every swear word I’ve ever heard, and some I haven’t – right in the stunned nuns’ faces. If that isn’t enough, he starts hacking at the cables until someone grabs the axe, frog-marches Larry off the set, then escorts the shaken nuns out of the building. No visitors were ever allowed on the I Dream Of Jeannie set again. The crew members grew to hate his wild ways so much that once they put salt into his tea, instead of sugar, and when he spat it out, they laughed uproariously.
    Larry’s insecurities came to the fore when the legendary singer Sammy Davis Jr made a guest appearance. People on the set felt that, in Larry’s mind, when it came to I Dream Of Jeannie, he was cock of the walk, and he definitely didn’t want any rooster on his territory. When Groucho Marx guest-starred, Larry didn’t have any problems with him, because Groucho was 80.
    He would stop at nothing to express his distaste at the show, when Larry didn’t like a particular script, his solution was to throw up all over the set.

    But when Sammy guested, it brought out the worst in Larry. When Larry strolled on to the set, you could immediately tell that Sammy was in for big trouble. Larry started by ordering Sammy around and telling him where to stand.
    It came time to shoot Sammy’s most important scene, which required Larry to feed him his lines from off-camera.
    As Sammy started saying his lines, Larry expressed his feelings about him by opening his mouth and letting loose a long, thick string of drool. I couldn’t help being mesmerised by the sight. Sammy, however, took it as a personal insult, which, of course it was.
    He was incandescent with rage. He slammed off the set, shouting that he’d kill him. Someone else was found to read Sammy his lines and, afterwards, Sammy took me aside and asked: ‘How in the hell do you work with this guy, Barbara? He’s a total a*****e.’
    Once, Larry relieved himself all over the I Dream of Jeannie set.
    But there was worse to come. An accomplished flyer who loved to tour the Los Angeles skies in his private plane, Larry revelled in the power of his favourite hobby. One day he flew over Columbia Studios, where I Dream Of Jeannie, was filmed.In his memoirs, he recalled: ‘I was upset about something. I opened the door and tried to p**s over Columbia studios. But I didn’t account for the wind, and the spray blew right back at me.’
    In some ways, Larry was like a talented, troubled child whose tantrums sometimes got the better of his self-control. Years later, Larry attributed his manic behaviour during the shooting of I Dream Of Jeannie, to withdrawal symptoms from giving up smoking and the amphetamine Bontril, which he was taking in order to control his weight.‘
    The effects were devastating,’ he recalled in his memoirs. ‘Coming off nicotine is bad enough. Add amphetamine and you have serious problems. I had a breakdown. I was crying and vomiting all at the same time. Even the wax from my ears was coming out. I was exploding.’

    At that moment, Larry made the decision to consult a therapist, who from then on was constantly on set. The therapist advised him to relax by smoking pot and drinking champagne. Henceforth, he started every day at the studio by drinking vast quantities of champagne, and in-between scenes, he sequestered himself in his dressing room, smoking pot and drinking yet more.
    On I Dream Of Jeannie there was a senile, tyrannical director who barked ludicrous orders. Towards the end of one day, I run off the set and hide behind a piece of scenery. And I stay there, sobbing away, while my make-up pours down my cheeks and all the cast and crew run around looking for me.
    Of course, Larry is the one to find me. He puts his arms around me and says: ‘Don’t cry, Barbara, That’s my act!’
    I am touched that Larry is being so kind to me, and surprised that he is being so honest about his on-set emotional breakdowns.

    [There's more after that.]

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    I have a vague recollection of reading about him being not-such-a-nice guy in the 80s, before his liver transplant. But it may have been in the Enquirer rather than People or one of the other gossip mags of the day.

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    My Fridays were spent watching him.
    Oh me too! I think I was about 13 when Dallas came on the air, and I was glued to the TV every Friday night. I have always loved/had horses, and I would dream about living there someday and marrying Ray (thought he was so cute!).

    RIP JR.

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