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Thread: Actor Doug Hutchison, 51, Marries Aspiring Country Singer Courtney Stodden, 16

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    That girl has NO ass. Well, besides the one she married.
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    Bloody hell. She never fails to disappoint! Whenever I need cheering up this is defiinitely the thread to do just that :-)

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    Frills and spills: Courtney Stodden wears a tutu for a game of beach volleyball

    By Iona Kirby
    PUBLISHED: 12:49 EST, 24 April 2012 | UPDATED: 13:20 EST, 24 April 2012

    She may always want to look as glamorous as possible but Courtney Stodden is also keen to prove she’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty.

    The 17-year-old took a trip to the beach in a very skimpy outfit to enjoy some sports on the sand.

    The teen bride rode her bicycle to the beach in Los Angeles, and was equipped for a fun day with a volleyball in her basket.

    Life's a beach: Courtney Stodden enjoyed a game of volleyball when she took a trip to the seaside

    She then detached the basket and carried it onto the sand where she got stuck into a game of beach volleyball.

    Courtney wore just a white bikini and a tiny matching tutu, forgoing footwear but carrying her favourite Perspex stripper hoes on the handlebars of her bicycle.

    And she quickly got absorbed in her game of volleyball, even diving into the sand at times to her make a serve.

    Channelling Baywatch: The star was seen running in the sand as she tried her best to win her volleyball game

    Active day out: Courtney decided to ride her bicycle to the beach

    Skimpy: Courtney was wearing just a white bikini and a tiny tutu for some fun in the sun

    Forgoing her footwear: Courtney carried her favourite Perspex stripper shoes instead of wearing them

    The teen also sported a full face of heavy make-up and large hoop earrings.

    When Courtney was ready to head off, she had some trouble with the chain on her bicycle.

    But luckily the young star showed off her handiwork as she quickly mended the bike before making her way home.

    Tacoma-born Courtney was just 16 when she controversially married actor Doug Hutchinson, 51, in Nevada (one of the 39 U.S. states where it is legal to marry at 16 with full written parental consent) in May 2011.

    Diving in: The teen bride threw herself into the sand in order to hit the ball over the net

    Preparation is key: The teen came equipped with a ball to play sports on the beach

    Toned: The teenager showed off her petite figure as she made her way to the beach

    Competitive: The star was determined to win when she got stuck into her volleyball game

    She had never met the X Files star in person before he proposed as they had previously only communicated via the internet.

    Anderson Cooper poked fun at the teenager on his CNN show last week after watching her quest for 'sexy veggies' on her new internet site.

    The sometime singer and model, who is an ambassador for PETA and a recent vegetarian evangelist, showed off some rather risqué looking root vegetables in a video clip, which the TV host quickly mocked.

    Fun in the sun: Courtney stripped down to her skimpy white outfit before getting stuck into her sports game

    Spot of bother: Before she headed home, Courtney's bicycle had some trouble when the chain slipped

    Showing off her skills: Fortunately Courtney knew just how to mend the bike

    Heading home: Courtney decided to be on her way after mending her bicycle

    Read more: Courtney Stodden wears a tutu for a game of beach volleyball | Mail Online

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    ROFL, she is bonkers.

    As obsessed as she is with the way she looks, I can't believe she hasn't gotten that jacked up grill tended to.

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    This is what I actually did on my trip to vegas, y'all. Lynnie and I both. We were just lying about all that other stuff. This is good times.
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    They've been too quiet lately. I hope they have something awesomely famewhore-tastic planned for their anniversary.

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    Her boobs never fit her tops and it is so obvious she's stuffing. Girlfriend needs to work on the fine art of subtlety.

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    From the looks of her "diving" photos, her boobs are totally rill.
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    This shit needs to stop.
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    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

    Fuck you all, I'm going viral.

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    This shit sketches me out.
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    Nothing can top the Halloween pumpkin patch photos - those are comedy gold.

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    My favorite picture is the photographer/"paparazzi" holding the ball in front of the of the camera and Courtney acting like she's about to hit it.


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    I really wonder how long this fiasco is gonna go on.
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    The parts of her suit that have turned orange from her spray-tanned skin just really adds to the class.

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    Awesome typo, thanks Mail:

    "Courtney wore just a white bikini and a tiny matching tutu, forgoing footwear but carrying her favourite Perspex stripper hoes on the handlebars of her bicycle."

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