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Thread: Aaron Johnson's mom, er, fiance gave birth to his Kickass spawn

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    This is a really weird relationship. What do you talk about with a 22yr old.

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    Pretty sure his penis does most of the talking
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    She's homely, but not that it matters when people are in love. Hope it works out, but I can see him wanting to move on to women his age or younger in 10-15 years when he's still in his 30's and she's like 60. He still has a lot of maturing to do too, people change from 20 to 30 years old.

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    I couldn't marry anyone with that hair...

    Age differences normally don't make me think twice but this is really odd. The relationship seems to be working so good for them, but I'm dubious since there are kids involved. He could very well think he wants this now but then realize he wants his youth back and doesn't want to give it up so young - coz at 20 it is giving up your young, carefree years entirely. Who knows though, maybe he is a very old soul and very homely and they really are a great match. Seems like it all happened very fast though!
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