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Thread: Aaron Eckhart Pretended to Lose a Child in Support Group for Rabbit Hole

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    I listened to his whole Stern interview and maaaan is he totally up is his own ass. He's not a terrible actor but does not have the talent to justify the massive ego on display.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkles View Post
    Thank you MmeVertigina. It was 15 years ago, just after my son was born and I still find it hard to believe it actually happened. Some poor bastard took his son to Niagara Falls for the day and caught the bastard's suicide on his home movies. What a way to spend the day with your son! The thing which always struck me was that my cousin's husband always seemed so pathetic-hardly a threat to anyone. But the damage his family did to my aunt by filing the claim to my cousin's estate is what appalls me-ALMOST as much as the murder itself. They were all from the same small town and no one treated them like the selfish creeps that they were. My aunt didn't need the money-she had wanted to start a charity in her daughter's name. She had thought of buying a house in Toronto for women who were victims of domestic violence. This family took a huge chunk of the estate and prevented my aunt from purchasing the house.. How they held their heads up high in the community is beyond me.

    And to make matters worse, this situation wasn't even unusual enough to make much of a splash in the news. What that says about the prevalence of domestic violence and the violent murder of woman is really distressing to me.
    It's shocking and disgusting that they asked for that money. Obviously his whole family was a bit off. Wow, yes, your last sentence is so spot on.

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    I don't recall that I've ever seen this dickweed in anything, but I aim to make a point to avoid lining his pockets from MY entertainment dollars.

    Ten kinds of wrong. Wrong Wrong Wrong.

    As everyone else said, had he asked to politely sit in the back and take notes and observe or even see if he could meet with some willing members afterwards, that's a totally different thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    I'm thinking of "invasive" as much as anything. I can understand that a guy who never had kids might have very little context to understand the absolute pit of hell that you would fall into after losing a child. And how he would want to be able to interact with these people to observe and model their behavior/emotions for a film. But that's kind of a sacred space to insinuate yourself into.

    I also don't know how they didn't recognize Eckhart as soon as he walked in...
    Exactly. That's like going to a cancer support group and saying you have cancer. Very insensitive, Harvey Dent.
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    I'm sorry your aunt went through such a horrible time. Hope Karma caught up with those awful people.

    No respect for eckhart.
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    Nicole Kidman has lost/given away two children. He could have just talked to her.
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    Sparkles, what a horrible situation. I'm so sorry.

    Aaron Eckhart is an ass for doing this. It's invasive and insensitive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellatheball View Post
    I just lost my lady boner for Aaron Eckhart. That seems incredibly insensitive and almost cruel.
    Completely agree. I couldn't even finish reading this article because it makes me livid to think of this fucking usurper! You do NOT go into a support group and PRETEND YOU HAVE LOST A CHILD! fuck this guy with the biggest, greenest, slimiest, most syphllis ridden donkey dick that can be found! PIECE OF SHIT!
    Quote Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
    Nicole Kidman has lost/given away two children. He could have just talked to her.
    I don't know if I like you or hate you because you made me laugh in this thread!
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    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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