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Thread: Britney Spears and the cheetolings at the pool

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    Default Britney Spears and the cheetolings at the pool

    Dropping The Cheetolings Off At The Pool

    Brit Brit and her peek-a-boo pussy spent a little time with her chirruns at a hotel pool in Miami yesterday. You know, she needs to relax her ham hocks a bit, because she's been so busy mouthing words to songs and teaching kiddies amazing new words like "pussy" at her concerts.
    Methinks this is the same pool where Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were first photographed together last year. Ergh. Why do I know such things? Why can't there be a place where we can go to get this kind of shit erased and replaced with more important things like being able to remember every Pop Tart flavor ever made. Hmmm. Maybe LSD can do that. I'll check.
    Here's more of Brit Brit with her boys yesterday afternoon. Our Lady of Cheetos never got in the pool, because she's banned. If they get a floater in the pool, they'll have to shut the whole thing down and they're not going to take that chance by letting her in.
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    never a chance of getting out of breath while singing due to cigs, eh... cuz bitch don't sing
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    She looks like such a redneck in that halter bikini top and cutoffs and hair bunched up on top of her head in a 'lazy broad's ponytail'.

    Oh, and puffing on the cig while in the company of the kids just completes the package.
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    Just don't let them drown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    Just don't let them drown.
    Sadly, that is the most we can hope for in the parenting department from Twitney.

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    The cigs are going to ruin her voice. Oh wait ...

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    where is the cheetos?

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