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Thread: Holly Madison rumored to be replacing Jewel on "Dancing With The Stars"

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    Default Holly Madison rumored to be replacing Jewel on "Dancing With The Stars"

    EXCLUSIVE: Source: Holly Madison Is Joining DWTS
    Wednesday March 4, 2009

    Buzz up!Holly Madison is joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars, a source tells

    There is speculation the Girls Next Door star could be replacing Jewel, who has been struggling with knee problems, and blogged last week that tendinitis could force her to drop out.

    The singer later released a statement saying she'd suffered a "minor setback," and added: "Don't count me out, as I am in this for the long run."

    A source close to Jewel tells Us she'll still be on the show Monday.

    An ABC rep would not comment to Us.

    Madison recently split from her magician beau, Criss Angel. The pair hooked up shortly after Madison called it quits last October with Hugh Hefner.

    The season finale of Madison's E! reality show aired last Sunday. | News - EXCLUSIVE: Source: Holly Madison Is Joining DWTS

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    She was bound to turn up somewhere once mindjob dropped her ass. Now Dancing with Has-Been, a new low.
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    i am a DWTS geek, but i'd love to know who the assholes are that pick these people for the show.
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    Dancing with the Losers.

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