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Thread: Terry Wogan wants Amy Winehouse on Eurovision

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    Default Terry Wogan wants Amy Winehouse on Eurovision

    Terry Wogan would like to see a big star compete for the UK

    Wogan wants Winehouse on Eurovision

    22 hours ago

    Sir Terry Wogan believes the UK will never win the Eurovision Song Contest unless a well-known artist - such as Take That or Amy Winehouse - takes part.

    Sir Terry quit his role as commentator on the show after a string of poor results from the UK, which he blamed on politics. Despite a revamp of the pre-Eurovision contest on the BBC - which was won by Jade Ewen - the Radio 2 presenter told the Daily Express he still wasn't hopeful.

    "The guy who won for Russia last year, Dima Bilan, is one of the biggest vocal stars in Russia and a huge star in Eastern Europe. They feel we're not taking it seriously because we don't put any of our big stars forward," he said. "I think we'd stand a decent chance with big stars such as Take That or Amy Winehouse or any major star that's well known in that part of the world."

    The Press Association: Wogan wants Winehouse on Eurovision

    Yeah, she'll help the UK's chances for sure.

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    Uh, did he quit Eurovision or did they tell him his painful commentary was no longer required?

    Anyway, yes, Amy should do Eurovision ... or something, anything, if she wants to have a career.

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    I love Terry Wogan. He is so bloody hilarious when he hosts Eurovision.
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    she should hide away get healhty and do some music again ,
    now she is only in the spotlight for irrelevant stuff

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    Well, we couldn't even win when Cliff Richard represented us (and he failed twice!)

    I like this year's singer Jade - not dissimilar to Alexandra Burke. But Mr Lloyd Webber's song sounds uncannily like one of his show tunes.

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    I only saw Eurovision for the first time two years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the cheese factor.

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