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Thread: Chef Mario Batali is profane at dinner with Spain's royalty

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    Default Chef Mario Batali is profane at dinner with Spain's royalty

    Batali is profane at dinner with Spain's royalty

    The king and queen of Spain got a dash of profanity from celebrity chef Mario Batali at a $1,000-a-plate dinner during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.
    At a Thursday dinner honoring Spain's growing international culinary presence, Batali dropped some royally naughty words as he hosted the event in the presence of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.
    Growing impatient when the crowd didn't quiet down quickly enough after he stepped to the microphone, he used the f-word and asked the audience if he could have "10 seconds of your time."
    Batali dropped the f-bomb again while introducing chef Jose Andres, whose Los Angeles restaurant, The Bazaar, has been heralded by critics. He finished by grabbing Andres' bottom.
    Those seated near the royal couple said the queen blanched. Gloria Estefan chortled. And Andres kept his cool.
    "This is what food and wine from Spain will do to you," he explained.

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    I have never liked this guy. And the fact he wears Crocs whenever I have seen him on TV doesn't help either.

    He just comes off as a pompous ass.
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    I like Mario, but he looks more and more unhealthy every time I see him. Not really a good endorsement for his food.

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    Everyone wears Croc like shoes in our kitchen, and I agree, they look so stupid. Especially on the men!!

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    I met him once, about three years ago, when I worked for a vendor that he was trying to develop a frozen-dinner line with. He wasn't exactly a full-blown asshole, but he clearly thought quite highly of himself, very perfunctory and smug. And he stunk, as in the worst BO...I worked the front desk at this vendor, and he stunk up the entire lobby when he walked in. It was February, cold outside, and he had sweat rolling off him as he walked in the door. I could have planted potatotes in his horrible ponytail, he was so dirty. And yes, he was in his obligatory Crocs, which were splitting open at the sides and had yellow-stained socks underneath.
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    He is disgusting.

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    Bad form, Mario.

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