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Thread: Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP a copycat?

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    Default Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP a copycat?

    Fishy's GOOP Might Be A Copycat

    The broad on the right is Mary Kate Hearon and she claims soggy Fishsticks Paltrow's GOOP is just a bootleg version of her newsletter The Weekly Beet. Page Six says that on her Facebook page, Mary told her friends that Fishy straight up copied her newsletter about eating seeds and pooping on banana leaves. Mary said she actually introduced Fishy to her newsletter a few years ago, because she knew she was into that grass-loving crap.
    Mary went on to yap that she eventually met up with Fishy and surprise, surprise, she was a total organic cunt. Mary said Fishy "was sooooooo nasty to me, it was scandalous! Chris Martin, the utmost gentleman, stood to shake my hand, but she smirked and was silent when I asked how her dinner was . . . I never thought in a million years she'd . . . create her own site very similar to The Weekly Beet . . . Goop has the therapies I've tried, the foods I love, the detoxes that work! A lot of the same stuff!"
    Fishy's friend said that Mary is vomiting up lies, because they have never even met.
    You know, I think everyone in the world should consider suing Fishy. We need to have a meeting with Larry H. Parker. I mean, most of our assholes have been spewing out POOP for years and years. Class action lawsuit alert!

    Fishy's GOOP Might Be A Copycat | Dlisted
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    You mean Gwyneth is a total fake? My mind.. it's blown.

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    I just went to her site and it is nothing like GOOP.

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    I think the content is sort of similar and the general 'I know best' is certainly present on both sites. I wouldn't put it past Princess Paltrow to lift half her idea from someone else. I wish dlisted would stop being so misogynistic in it's writing. It detracts from the funny.
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    ^^^He should go directly to Dickipedia, not stopping on Go, lol.

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