Jeremy Piven is the Kanye West of cable TV, but less cappy and filled with many more gallons of douchewater. Jeremy did a photo shoot with Page Six Magazine back in September to promote the Broadway play he later quit because he had rotten fish in his system or some shit.
The Piv was such a mega asstard during the shoot that Page Six Magazine has an article in this week's issued called: "Is Jeremy Piven the biggest jerk in showbiz?” The answer is brought to you by the letters: Y-E-S.
They say that at the shoot, The Piv was asked to pose for just a normal headshot. He answered, “This isn’t my first time on the merry-go-round. You want mediocre? I can give you mediocre.” Yeah, Jeremy, I've seen a couple of episodes of Cupid.
After about an hour of The Piv not giving it his all, he ducked under the camera, let out a "gutteral moan," ripped the sleeves off an Armani shirt and gave us the picture above. The GREATNESS inside his soul was finally able to pour out. Too bad all the shit he's got in there didn't come pouring out too.
The gutteral moan probably came from the jumbo stick of Mercury that's shoved up his colon. And he totally looks like he's suffering from the hard shits in that picture. Push that stick out so the caca river can flow, Piv.

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