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Thread: Heather Mills fights to save 1m swimming pool by saying fire brigade can use it

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    Default Heather Mills fights to save 1m swimming pool by saying fire brigade can use it

    Heather Mills has launched a desperate bid to keep her 1million swimming pool - which she built without planning permission - by saying the fire brigade can use it to put out blazes in her village.
    Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife, 40, infuriated planning bosses by going ahead with the swimming pool at her country pile in Robertsbridge, East Sussex.
    And now, in a bid to keep the pool at her 3million home, Heather's agent has asked that she be granted retrospective planning permission.

    Heather Mills has infuriated planners by building a 1m swimming pool at her East Sussex mansion

    She has told planners that the pool could be used by the fire brigade for emergencies

    Planners from Rother District Council spotted the luxury pool when they visited Heather's home to make sure she had taken down a marquee she had put up without permission earlier in the year.

    And when they saw the pool, they quizzed her about when it was built and if permission had been granted.
    They soon discovered that no permission had been granted and are now in the process of making a decision on whether Heather will have to concrete over the pool in the grounds of her luxury home.
    Heather, however, has now lodged an appeal to keep her 40ft x 22ft pool - saying it could be used to help douse house fires in the area.
    He agent David Bailey said: "In an emergency it could be used by the fire brigade. It is solely a recreational facility for the enjoyment of the private residence."

    Heather, who pocked more than 24million in her divorce from the ex-Beatle, also proposes to build a three-metre high wooden plant room to house the pool equipment.
    Mr Bailey said that the pool was built on a vegetable garden in the ground of Heather's home, but that now fruit and veg was easily available from supermarkets it wasn't needed any more.
    He said: "It is a large residence set in its own grounds of mainly trees surrounding its formal garden.
    "It has a partially walled garden area set away from the house which in the past would have provided all the vegetables, fruit and flowers needed for the smooth running of the house.
    "Times have changed and these items can be purchased all year round from supermarkets.
    "The green houses which once served the house have through neglect fallen into disrepair.
    "A place was required to accommodate a swimming pool - other locations within the grounds were considered but from a safety view this position was chosen."

    Heather is believed to have spent 1million on renovations at her country home following her divorce from Sir Paul in March.
    Planning chiefs will meet later this month to decide whether Heather can keep the pool or not.

    Heather Mills fights to save 1m swimming pool by saying fire brigade can use it to put out blazes | Mail Online

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    She's all kinds of delusional.

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    Someone should torch that house of hers - then the fire brigade can use her swimming pool to put it out.

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